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  1. Guys, honestly stop whinging. [emoji849][emoji6]
  2. I've lived and worked in Oz, in 2005 I spent a year there, did many things including FIFO from Perth to Yandi. I like the culture, weather, peoples 'can do' attitudes and the lifestyle. Really sorry more of you don't seem to feel the same, I'd urge you to spend a few years in the UK and you'll realise what you've got.
  3. Sorry to read this. I've been to Oz many times and I know we'd be happy there.
  4. The weather, the culture and the people are important, so is Australias proximity to Asia and the Pacific. We love to travel and from the UK the Pacific Islands are a real trek to get to. Also in my experience, Australians are very positive and 'glass half full' people, which I really like.
  5. Welshy

    Caught in the Middle

    If you’re handing yours back then please feel free to pass it to us [emoji4]
  6. Thanks for the reply. It depends on your perspective. I wouldn’t disagree that many Australians work longer hours than people in the UK. Does this mean that this would be the case for us? Does it mean we’d make less money? With respect, I’d seriously doubt it. If you work smart then you can work as often or as little as you want, should the business allow it.
  7. Sorry, if I wasn't clear about it. I've also noticed when reading comments in other threads that the Immi department must get so many applications from people trying to 'game' the system, families who've no doubt remortgaged their properties outside of Australia to fund a business 'startup' for one of the kids (who's there on a student visa and claims it's VC capital) When I mentioned work / life balance I was being serious, running what we do can be really time consuming and I can't see running a coffee shop or a small chain of coffee shops taking up as much time, early starts yes, but then I'm up at 6am most days anyway, so that doesn't bother me and I'd imagine it would close around 2pm, with staff to open up etc I could see myself spending no more than 2-3 hours a day working in the business which allows far more time to do other things (in the sunshine).
  8. Thanks for the response. It's tricky to have a business plan when we haven't decided on what businesses to operate yet, I don't think that matters in regards to the visa application, it's based on you meeting the requirements (which we do). We've run successful businesses for years now and have the skills required to set up and run businesses in Australia. We own a chain or hotels now and other property based businesses, plus some online businesses. I really don't think running a coffee shop or a sandwich bar would be that tricky. I know a lady who's a good friend of ours who sold her manufacturing business in Yorkshire 11 years ago and then bought a little sandwich shop in Perth, you're targeted on turnover and then you qualify for PR after a period, which she now has, she then sold the sandwich shop. I've got the details for a good agent based in Perth and I'll be reaching out to him and taking advice and letting him handle it.
  9. Thank you, yes it seems that a lot of people make the move as skilled independents or sponsored and then seek employment. nothing wrong with that whatsoever, in fact, back in 2008 I booked my Vetasses assessment as an electrician, but in the end for one reason and another I didn't go or pursue it further. Looking back I'm glad in a way but I'm 38 now and if we don't do it now the years will keep sliding by and before I know it I'll be 48 and could have had 10 years in the sun at that point if we don't do it now. We are also looking for more of a work/life balance and I find people in Australia more optimistic and positive and I feel they are a product of their environment which is brilliant. I'm full of positivity since we made the decision to apply for a visa
  10. Welshy

    Caught in the Middle

    I lived in Manchester years ago and I felt the same way, I then moved there in 2011 with my (now) wife, that summer it rained every single day, Manchester gets a lot of rain due to it's proximity to the Pennines, the humid air rises up, condenses and then dumps rain (on Manchester) We had an apartment right by Old Trafford (handy for the games) and my wife (who's Polish) said it was the most depressing place she's ever lived with dirty red bricked warehouse style buildings everywhere, we moved after 6 months. It has some nice restaurants, Salford Quays is nice now with media city and it's very modern, Didsbury is quite nice although expensive. You wont have the outdoor lifestyle you have in Oz in the UK and you'll be limited to a few BBQs a year, you'll also never swim in the sea (unless you're frankly insane) as it's so cold. All the very best with your decision.
  11. Welshy

    Investors moving to Australia

    Any further updates Indo? We think we meet the requirements for a 188 and I know of someone who sold a manufacturing business in Yorkshire, who then can a sandwich shop in Perth, who now has PR.
  12. Welshy

    Caught in the Middle

    Sorry to read this and how you're missing the UK. For me, I'd look at all of the positives of where you are. For us we are looking to leave the UK. Memories are often 'rose tinted' and you remember things in a different light to the reality of being there in the moment (when you were in the UK) Manchester has changed beyond belief and is now a mini metropolis, the roads are more congested than you remember them and it's definitley as grey and wet as you remember. We've been to Oz many times and honestly, IMHO its a far better place to live than the UK,. Your parents are in their 80's and (with respect) wont be around much longer. Ask yourself if you moved back would your day to day be better? I'd seriously doubt it and why people make the trip you did in 2004 and leave the UK in droves. I'd personally rather the sun on my back in my retirement than being cooped up in the house in front of the TV. Good luck with your decision.
  13. Hi everyone. My wife and I meet the requirements for a business visa and we are looking to emigrate to WA, Perth specifically. I'm looking to connect with other people who've emigrated on the same visa class. We know Perth well and having been many times over the years, we have some good friends there, so am not seeking advice on the lifestyle aspect, or the City as such. Can anyone offer some advice on the application process and also, what were the requirements placed upon you, after your business visa was granted and you took up residence in Oz? Did you get long enough to wrap up your affairs in the UK? What kind of businesses did you set up when arriving in Australia and how did you go about doing this? I could see myself opening a coffee shop and making a little chain of these, or possibly some kind of online shop or a business that gave us a little bit more of a work/life balance than we have here in the UK. I'm really looking forward to connecting with people who've done the same and drawing on your experiences, all advice welcome. Thanks. :)