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  1. Dear all, Can anyone inform me whether there is any change of points for Subclass 190 after 15th November? I came to know that some new changes are coming for new Subclass 491 which will be implemented after 15th November, 2019. Regards.
  2. thanks for your reply. In Bangladesh , India and pakistan, this is a common practice. Do i need to provide any statutory declaration of my employer or colleagues to prove this ?
  3. if he pays in Cash , is it acceptable?
  4. If the employer pays in Cash and he declares it in his certificate, can it be acceptable?
  5. Zami

    New rules for partner points

    Dear sir, Is this applicable for Sub class 190? I am an admitted Legal Practitioner at Supreme Court of NSW. Do i need to apply for skill assessment letter from LPAB for the occupation Barrister ? Regards.
  6. Zami

    Finding first Legal job in NSW

    Dear brother, Assalamualaikum. I am from Bangladesh. I am an admitted legal practitioner at Supreme Court NSW. I am also an advocate of Supreme Court Bangladesh. I have been practicing in Bangladesh jurisdiction for more than 15 years. I want to apply for skilled migration. But I lost points for my age( 40plus years). I can score only 65 points for subclass 190. Can I apply with this poor points? Kindly suggest how I get avail PR.
  7. Would you kindly explain how the points are counted?
  8. Dear brother, I have another question. How did you get your points for job experience? How can a self employed lawyer prove job experience? Best regards.
  9. Dear brother, Thanks a lot for your reply. I am really encouraged to read your posts. Is this same for subclass 190 and subclass 489 / sub class 491. Would you let me know any source of this information? i do not have much points as I lost points for my age. I am unable to apply for subclass 189. Now I am planning for sub class 190 or subclass 491( which will be implemented from 16th November, 2019). For subclass 190 , I can obtain 65 points and for subclass 491 , only 75/80 points .Solicitor occupation will be available in Orana and Barrister in Murray. Would you please suggest what i should do? Regards. Zami
  10. Hi...I am new to this group. I am an admitted legal practitioner at Supreme Court off NSW, Sydney , Australia. I was enrolled on 27.03.2019. I got admitted at Supreme Court of NSW through Trans tasman legislation. Because at first I was enrolled as a Barrister and Solicitor at High Court of Newzealand. I am a practicing lawyer at Supreme Court of Bangladesh. I want to migrate to Australia. But I do not have much points. My only options are subclass 489 and Subclass 190. Can you please let me know whether I am able to apply for migration as a Barrister? I came to know that LPAB can only assess me as a Lawyer/solicitor. They are unable to provide me any skill assessment letter for Barrister occupation. Because to practice as a barrister requires completion of Bar Reading course. Would anyone kindly suggest me whether I am able to apply for Barrister occupation?
  11. Hi, I was also admitted as a legal practitioner at Supreme Court of New South Wales Australia on 27.03.2017. As far as I know, PRE admission experience will not give you any point. Am I correct?