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    Schools for dyspraxia/dyslexia/dyscalculia

    Thanks very much for all your help and information. I think we are going to have to look into private and Catholic schools. Does anyone have any particular recommendations for private/Catholic secondary schools with small class sizes and good pastoral care, please? It's difficult finding which schools to go for, so it's nice to hear of any that have worked well for other people with dyslexic or dyspraxic children. Thanks, Clare
  2. Hi, We are looking to move to Oz from the UK next year, but have no real idea of schools. We were wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. We are ideally looking at a secondary school with smaller classes, good pastoral care and a strong awareness of special educational needs. Both our kids have dyspraxia and slow processing, one has mild dyslexia, the other dyscalculia. They score very highly on cognitive tests, though. The state we end up in largely depends on which job I get, but probably one of Qld/SA/ACT. Visas are no problem, since the kids are Australian citizens through me (their Mum). Any suggestions/recommendations would be gratefully received! Thanks, Clare