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  1. Amourah

    visa application purposefully incomplete?

    The migration officer is MARA. Since they were hired by my company for my company's application to become a sponsor, I'm not really privy to that agreement as it has nothing to do with my own application. My employer would have good reason to complain, I agree, if it wasn't a friend =/
  2. Amourah

    visa application purposefully incomplete?

    Well, maybe, but the appeal also has fees and the lawyer alone they hired for the appeal is costing the company $12-$16k. I could try for a BVB from what I've read I don't have a good enough reason.
  3. Amourah

    visa application purposefully incomplete?

    186 Employer nominated scheme - there is a direct entry scheme that doesn't require staying with the employer, and a labour agreement stream. I'm doing the former. I did have to agree to work in my field for a certain amount of years through.
  4. Hear me out - I need to know if I'm crazy to believe this or if it's actually possible. I think my employer purposefully submitted an incomplete application to sponsor me for PR in order to have my case sent to appeals tribunal. This wait period is 440 days average, which conveniently locks me in to remain working with them. My company used a migration agent who is also a personal friend of my boss. The reason their application to sponsor was refused was because they failed to summit the portion where they are supposed to demonstrate a need for me. This is on the list of requirements so I don't understand how a competent migration agent could have missed that, especially assuming he's done this before. Even when searching online for reasons the visa could be refused, it comes up as one of the things to look out for. I'm not sure if the processing officer reached out to our migration agent for this information, but somewhere in the refusal letter it mentioned that there was adequate time to submit additional information that may of been lacking and it was basically timed out from waiting and refused for being incomplete. So here we've been waiting since March for this tribunal appeal. The business owner has since engaged in an immigration lawyer to handle the case. But now I'm wondering - why the heck didn't they just reapply with a complete application? Why is appealing better? The time to process the application is a lot faster than then 440 day wait for a tribunal. Apparently also we could submit the information to the appeals tribunal in chance that they could make a decision on that information instead of waiting for the tribunal meeting. This hasn't been done which shows that the company isn't in a hurry to get this sorted. If the original application was complete, I would have had my PR visa by now and I would not have been bound to my employer. Being on a Bridging Visa A has taken a toll on me not being able to leave the country. I came to Australia on working holiday visa because i LOVE to travel. I would have been all over neighboring countries by now, and visited home and made it to my cousin's wedding. If I would have know this was what I was in for, then I would have chosen a different path to residency or a working visa. I'm pretty close to just saying screw it and return home, which is a shame because I love Australia and Australia should love me as a highly skilled worker. What do you guys think? Should I just be grateful that I'm getting sponsored for a PR visa or am I right to feel that there is purposeful negligence by my employer?
  5. Amourah

    Cruising on a Bridging Visa A

    Thank you for your comment. I gave it some more thought and I don't think I'll qualify for a Bridging B. I'm going to cancel my cruise and just fly out of Oz entirety then cruise from outside.
  6. Amourah

    Cruising on a Bridging Visa A

    Hello all. I'm currently on a Bridging Visa A and I have decided that I want to leave Australian and return to my home country. I have booked a cruise out of the country. This cruise starts in Sydney, goes to Brisbane, then to Darwin, then onward internationally. My question is, since I'm not allowed to return on a Bridging Visa A, am I technically leaving the country between Aus ports and going to be denied entry, or will I be okay? Follow up question - if I'll do indeed need an ETA, is there anyway to get one while in Aus or can I apply for one between Sydney and Brisbane if they define that as leaving the country?