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  1. Neill

    PR Visa from Ireland

    https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder Hopefully the above link helps you find the best visa option.
  2. Hi Yes, your wife will need to provide an Australian police check and others for any country she has lived in for more than 12 months. My wife had to provide both Australian & UK police checks as she'd been in England for 3 years. As for the medical, I'm lead to believe its only valid for 12 months. I submitted mine shortly after I applied and thankfully my 309/100 was granted within 10 months of submission. Good luck with the application.
  3. Neill

    Global Migrate company

    Hi, I can only advise you DO NOT USE GLOBAL MIGRATE....! Great website, sales pitch and payment terms. However once the money is taken they don't care. I experienced so many issues it would take all day to type the email and to cut a long story short it would appear they are not even authorised/approved to act as an agent for Australian visa applications. Once I started to investigate further I soon discovered countless court cases etc against them. I only have myself to blame as I should have researched them before signing the contract. I just hope others don't get caught out by them. Feel free to contact me for further information as I'm sure my personal thoughts should not be published on this forum.
  4. Hi Donia I applied in the UK. No interview, just a request for some additional information. All quite straightforward.
  5. Neill

    Migration Agents Recommendation

    Hi James We've just been through this process & have thankfully got our visas approved. I'm unable to recommend an agency to you, but can advise you NOT to use a company (PM for name). They are based in London with several other offices throughout the world. We had nothing but bother/issues with them, would have been easier just doing the application myself. After paying for their service they became next to useless and have no interest in helping. If you google them you'll see there has been quite a few others who have the same opinion. Sadly we didn't do our research and fell for their great sales pitch.
  6. Hi Everyone. Just want to to share my joy & excitement. Got the magic email this morning, with both my 309/100 visas being granted. Initial application submitted June 2019, RFI 11th February with the information being submitted 18th February. Visas granted 9th March Time to start planning.. Good luck everyone!
  7. After you have attached the additional information & clicked the confirm button, should the "I confirm I have provided information as requested" box still appear at the bottom of the screen?
  8. Having submitted my application on the 14th June 2019, I received an RFI yesterday, requesting the following.. Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia Evidence of your relationship with your spouse I'm really annoyed as the 40SP form is showing as having been uploaded and the requested information was provided to my "so called" agent at the beginning (who has again changed their trading name) but hasn't uploaded what they were provided... I've now got access to & taken control of my immi account & would appreciate any help as to what everyone else provided for evidence of relationship? I have already uploaded marriage cert, bank accounts, tenancy agreements, house/car insurance & photographs. Anything else you would recommend? I'm really disappointed as I may have received my visa if the application had been submitted correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Neill
  9. C-J I asked the same question a few weeks ago. I've attached the thread, if you can't open let me know. Hopefully it will answer your question.
  10. Neill

    Migration Agent?

    Hi Rob I asked a general question on this forum and Paul (details below) replied. I don't know him personally & haven't dealt with him on a professional basis but its worth having a chat with him. Neill Paul Hand Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1801974 SunCoast Migration Ltd
  11. All Thanks for your answers to date, however after a bit of research I can confirm the following.. Yes, my wife (the sponsor) will require to provide both an Australian & UK police check. I found this on the the following page https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/prospective-marriage-300/additional-sponsorship-requirements Additional sponsor requirements for Partner and Prospective Marriage visas We take the safety and security of visa applicants seriously. There are additional requirements for sponsors of Partner and Prospective Marriage visas that are intended to help keep visa applicants safe. Provide information on relevant offences and criminal record If you want to sponsor an applicant for a Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa or a Partner visa, you must: provide an Australian and foreign police check when you apply for sponsorship give us written consent to disclose any convictions for relevant offences to the visa applicant. We will refuse the visa application if you don't provide the checks or give us consent to disclose any relevant offences to the applicant. We could also refuse the visa application if you don't provide the police checks within a reasonable time. See how to provide a police check. Consider these requirements carefully before you lodge your sponsorship or visa application. We won't refund the visa application charge if we refuse the visa application.
  12. Hi Paul Thanks for taking the time to reply, especially as I can see your a migration agent offering advice without payment. So my wife therefore requires an Australian police check, or both UK and Australian police checks?
  13. Hi Everyone My wife/sponsor is Australian and I'm from the UK. I understand all "applicants" need to undergo a police check but have read somewhere that only "male sponsors" are required to undergo the additional Australian police checks. Is this correct? As we paid a (useless) agent and they didn't ask for my wife (the 309/100 sponsor) to undergo any police checks. Any help would be appreciated as we have seen some people received RFI's, asking for police checks for their partner/sponsor and we don't want this to cause any delays with our application. Thanks
  14. Hi again. Did you use an agent when submitting your application? We did, and they haven't registered separate immi accounts for us. I'm a little concerned now as we've had nothing but issues with the agent we used.
  15. My application (as the applicant) was submitted 14th June 2019 & it still says "Application Status - Received". Have you got separate immi accounts? My wife (the sponsor) is on the same immi account / application as myself.