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  1. Flossy82

    New furniture?

    I don’t know that they DO open every box, but they CAN and you have to give a detailed itemised report. An they are more likely to want to look at object that are potentially biosecurity risk including wooden items. I think one of the concerns will also be having to pay duty on the furniture as it’s new (can’t remember the timeframe offhand - I think it is either 6 or 12 months). It will probably be very obvious that furniture is new if it’s flat and has no evidence of being assembled. Acknowledging the exchange rate, I’d say ikea is pretty similar price in Australia to the UK
  2. Flossy82


    I think it will depend a lot on whether your are a citizen. If you hold a temporary visa then I think you are very unlikely to get an exemption fo rumour parents unfortunately. I’ve just got an exemption to get back in based on critical skills (medical specialist) but it was hard fought. And contrasts to the press releases there are thousands of offshore people who have had exemptions rejected, for very compelling reasons. Hope you get the answers and feel better soon
  3. Flossy82


    I’m not sure you do need the academic IELTS. In fact as you’re form the UK you might not need IELTS, if it’s not necessary for you point wise. I’m a doctor and wasn’t initially going to do it as it isn’t necessary (GCSE English was sufficient) But did in the end to bolster my points up for a (hopefully) quicker process. And I only did the general IELTS. Surely your Migration Agent should know what is needed?? I f not, I’d say you need to get a new one....
  4. Flossy82

    Travel Exemptions for 482 Visa Holders

    It depends a bit on the visa ( ie If you, or the Australian person you are visiting are citizens or PR) but if you are a temporary visa holder then there are few if any exemptions granted for compassionate reasons, and they are mostly terminal illness and possibly funerals. I’m on a facebook group of over 1500 temporary visa holders who have got stuck offshore and there are so many heartbreaking stories of parents separated from children or pregnant spouses, all of whom have been rejected 8+ times despite lots of submitted evidence and compelling reasons
  5. Flossy82

    Travel Exemptions for 482 Visa Holders

    Congratulations on your job. I’m a doctor too and am currently in quarantine having successfully got an exemption based on critical skills. I’ve been living in WA for 15/12 and had to fly back as an emergency to the UK as my Dad was terminally ill. The exemptions are a bit of a minefield and they don’t seem to be giving them for any sort of compassionate reasons, and rarely for skills reasons. The exception to this are doctors and other medical professionals. To be honest it was a still a bit of a pain and took much longer to get a response than expected (well beyond my advised date of travel, so definitely don’t book a flight). Whilst I’m a Specialist (O+G) I’ve heard of RMOs and other junior doctors getting exemptions, even for first entry, including one of my own RMOs who apparently had a much easier time than me as she applied a bit earlier on in the pandemic. The key to the application is to emphasis your importance to the COVID recovery of AUstralia ie you’re and ED doctor and you are required to fill gaps in an acute key speciality that is crucial for timely management of any potential COVID cases.Additionally don’t be disillusioned if you get a rejection at first - they don’t seem to read half of the applications properly - and just keep applying. You medical admin department should also be well placed to assist you with all the importing documents and some guidance. Happy for you to message me if you want any further help or guidance. Best Wishes Alex
  6. Flossy82

    The end???

    Well all the best of luck for a buyer. Quarantine isn’t great, but I wouldn’t avoid coming in solely based in it. At least it’s only 14 days. It’s very unlikely the Australian borders will open before 2021 (though you can come in sooner if you have PR) and it wouldn’t overly surprise me if it was further into 2021. Also bear in mind that the WA government are taking an even stricter line on COVID and have point blank refused to open the state borders despite Scott Morrison’s requests
  7. Flossy82

    Quarantine in Brisbane

    I’m in quarantine in Perth, in a 4.5 star hote. I hate to break it to you, but it is definitely not like a plush hotel break... There’s a facebook forum I’m on for people in quarantine. From what I can see, people seem to be either in a Brisbane CBD hotel, or quite a lot are bused up to the Voco in ?surfers paradise You don’t get any prior notice of where you are going, until you’ve landed and are being processed by boded force. They seem to put each plane load in the same hotel. Alos, I think QLD are planning on charging people for quarantine, but my understanding is thatif you booked your flight prior to the announcement you’re exempt ]. Hopefully you’re safe on this front
  8. Flossy82

    The end???

    If you want to sell your house then I’d get it on the market asap as apparently it’s having a little health boom (before the inevitable bust) as people needing to find a property are keen to move forward. I put my mum and dad’s old house on, and much to my huge surprise, it sold in 5 days, at a good price. It’s normal to have these wobbles when moving nearer to move date. I’m sure COVID makes it a little worse thoug. Good luck with everything
  9. Flossy82

    Quarantine confusion?

    I’m in quarantine at the moment - can’t say it’s the most fun I’ve had in my life... The rules all differ state to state. In WA where I am it has to be 14 full days, which don’t start until the day after your arrival day ie day 0 doesn’t count whether you arrive at 03:00 or 23:00. I don’t think it’s necessarily the same for the Eastern states. My husband [honed the WA COVID line to get this info, so maybe you have something similar in your state?
  10. Flossy82

    Visa/Passport/DL name issues

    Hi dunc. My 482 TSS visa is under my married name and I’ve just renewed my WA drivers license under my maiden name without any issue
  11. Flossy82

    Just saying hello!

    Thank you! And congratulations on taking the first steps into investigating this new adventure for you. I'm sorry to see that the thread has been highjacked with so many negative comments, on what I'm sure was meant to be a humorous throw away comment. I totally understand why PR is the best option for you - the schooling thing is something I wasn't aware of. I'd have liked to go out on PR but didn't have time on the job availability, and not sure I'd pass a PR medical at the moment as I had (early stage) cancer in 2017, so will apply once we're there. If you want any more info about Women's Hospitals in Perth feel free to message me. Good Luck! x
  12. Flossy82

    Just saying hello!

    Hi VERYSTORMY. Yes, I'm quite familiar with the 482 having lived in WA previously on a 457. This is the most common pathway for hospital doctors and I know lots of people who have progressed on to PR without problems. I am very aware that they have mooted taking some medical professions off the skills list, and some have gone e.g. anaesthetics. WA very much struggles to supply its public hospitals with Consultant Obstetricians/ Gynaecologists as most of the local trainees goes straight into private practise. I was going to apply for PR 4 years ago when I first moved back to the UK (really wish I had now!) but a number of life events got in my way, and I unfortunately can't apply for a while as I had (early stage) cancer in 2017 and was advised it was better to be 2-3 years clear to be more confident of passing a PR medical. We don't have kids and my husband has had no problems finding a job as a GP, and going on my visa - and they would be very happy to sponsor him if situations change and he needs a 482 visa. We are planning on a review after 2-3 years to see if we want this move to be permanent, and hopefully will be able to apply for PR before then anyway (either myself or him as main applicant) which is obviously something we want to achieve as soon as is feasible for the security, ability to buy a house etc
  13. Flossy82

    Just saying hello!

    Hello Mamma midwife. I’m in the process of emigrating to Perth (hopefully early March but waiting on visas) and am an obstetrician. I’ve got a Consultant post at KEMH (Kind Edwards Memorial Hospital) in central Perth. I did a fellowship there 2013-15 and loved it. It’s the tertiary women’s hospital for all of WA and is a fantastic place to work, with great teamworking. I’ve just had a look on the recruitment website and it looks like they have a recruitment pool at the moment (they usually do). Even in you’re not ready to apply for a job yet, it might be worth enquiring. http://jobs.health.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=160&windowUID=0&AdvertID=220392 There are also a number of other public hospitals that you could work in eg Joondalup, Fiona Stanley, Osborne Park, SJOG Midland as well as the private hospitals. I haven’t worked there, but have friends/ colleagues who love it. Im actually going over on a 482 (4 year) visa sponsored by the health service. I don’t know if they will offer this for midwifery positions, but it may be worth enquiring, then you could apply for PR once there, unless you prefer the lengthier application time to get everything in order for an emigration. Good luck with it all. Maybe I’ll get to work with you in the future! Alex x
  14. We're currently packing for the arrival of the removal company on wednesday. I know shoes need to be free of soil and dirt, and have cleaned them all with clinical grade antiseptic wipes, but some of the soles, especially the pale ones, are still grey and stained. DO you think this will be a problem?
  15. Flossy82

    DAB radio - will it work in Australia

    Thanks misskat0, that link was helpful, and as I'm moving to Perth we should get reasonable signal. Unfortunately though my radio is a DAB not a DAB+ so I guess it won't work