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  1. lamngoc

    Help! 189, 190 or 489

    Hi, you could go to this link to check the States that would nominate your occupation: https://www.anzscosearch.com/search/. And then you go to those States website to have more detailed requirements.
  2. Hi, I understand that if one select both Vic and other State in 1 EOI, Vic will reject like our forum members mentioned ealier. But if you make multiple EOI, each EOI for 1 State only, how could Vic know you also apply to other State? I learnt somewhere that only State mentioned in EOI could access that EOI. Given your situation I would think you might want to maximize your chance, and spend a little bit more time checking if it's really a must to only restrict to Vic. You may want to check the current trend/points needed to secure invitation from Vic or NSW for better consideration.
  3. lamngoc

    489 Visa and points

    Hi, if he filled EOI for 190 or 489, he needs to do further step of applying for State sponsorship to each State (SA, NT, TAS...), as they will not automatically process 190/489 EOI (except for NSW). Please go to each State for their process and criteria (also fee if applicable). For IELTS, VERYSTORMY meant that the points he get for language is based on "each band" score - i.e he get 10, not 20 - as you only get 20 if each band is 8+.
  4. lamngoc

    Medical check for someone with thyroid issue

    I also learnt from various forums, that he's expert in health issues. So I contacted him for a peace of mind before lodging my visa.
  5. lamngoc

    Medical check for someone with thyroid issue

    Hi, I have thyroid nodule, with good biopsy result fortunately, but still under high risk of cancerous, and been on medication and regular doctor visits. I declared it when filling the HAP ID, and I asked my specialist to have a report on my condition, including the prognosis. I submitted the report to Panel doctor, my health check was cleared without any further tests required. Actually I did contact George Lombard before the health check (330 AUD) and he was positive about my case. I suppose the specialist report is quite important.
  6. lamngoc

    PTE for spouse

    Hi, Jenki75 gave the correct link, but for spouse not claiming points, we only need "functional", not "competent" level of English (in one of the questions when you lodge the visa, they ask if spouse has "functional" English). So meaning PTE 30 only.
  7. lamngoc

    Query on 489 visa.

    Hi natea21, you are referring to 489 Family sponsored pathway, handled directly by DHA, and with very few invitation. The other 489 is the State sponsored pathway which provides much more invitations. You can check for detais in State sponsor summary below that 189/489 FS point table in the link, and then go directly to the potential States' immigration website to understand more about the chance. That's what I did n got sponsored by a State. In some cases 65 pointers (incl 10 SS points) got sponsored.
  8. lamngoc

    Query on 489 visa.

    Hi, for an initial self evaluation of your chances, you may be interested in looking at this website: http://deltaimmigration.com.au/Registered-Nurse-Aged-Care/254412.htm
  9. lamngoc

    Employment length

    Hi, I was also assessed by Vetassess so some experience, hope it helps n good luck! - They will deduct minimum 1 year for calculating employment. At least true for some of my friends and myself. - Reference letter is a must. Then additionally I only submit supperanuation for 1 employer and bank statement for another employer. No contract. - If you want to have 5+, either you include previous employment, or you wait until current employment reach 6y to submit EOI (you can still do assessment now to save time, no need to wait for the next 6 months bcoz if you continue the current employment, it's still counting) - In case of contacting employer, they will only do for the one(s) that you include in your application. If you dont incl previous employment, you dont need to submit anything related to that period. For my friend and I there was no employer contact. I did the fastrack and the result came after 4 days. - You can have all info about what to submit and how they do by visiting their website, in particular this form
  10. lamngoc

    Points score- help!

    Hi, I supposed you are wondering whether you have 10 points for qualification? I did assessment with Vetassess, my qualification also not relevant but got SA possitive by experience (opt 2 in your post). I could claim 15 points for qualification because it's recognized as equivalent to AQF Bachelor by Vetassess. If it's evaluated equivalent to Diploma, then 10 points. Hope this helps!
  11. lamngoc

    Q on Visa 887 Work Requirements

    Hi, according to someone I know who successfully moved from 489 to 887, the 52 working weeks do not need to be continous. As long as you can collect 52 week payslips (it could be from several casual jobs that add up 35h/w) during the 2 years living requirement, it's sufficient.
  12. lamngoc

    EOI application queries

    Oh just to add, some even got invitation from 2 states
  13. lamngoc

    EOI application queries

    Hi, I'm still waiting for state nomination. But many people in our community shared they succeeded getting invited while they submitted many EOI, each for one state. As far as I know, only the state named in the EOI could see it, other states can't. So key point is that only 1 state per EOI.
  14. lamngoc

    EOI application queries

    Hi, I could create some EOI already, with the old version of DHA website (they are now developing new one). In the new web page they instruct how to create EOI: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/make-an-expression-of-interest After creating 1 EOI for 1 state, I go to above link again to create another EOI (using same email account) & fill again all the information. Then I have another EOI for another state. That's how I did, hope it can help!
  15. lamngoc

    EOI application queries

    Is your query related to selecting state in EOI? As far as I know, you should create multiple EOI, for each EOI you should select only 1 state. So you can apply for nomination of several states.