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  1. hoping

    Telling lie

    yeah i know i lied because i am nervous and afraid that they will denied me because i experience a lot of discrimination.and some company they did not accept me if they found out that im hepa carrier even in local and as a father i have to do something for my family and for their future. even i sacrifice my self and thats the reason why i did not tell. but if the time come when im going to apply for pr, i will tell to them the whole story. and if they will not grant the visa its ok. thats why right now i asking here if anyone here grant a pr visa whith hepa b medical issue?
  2. hoping

    Telling lie

    I have also cases like this but not tb its about hepa b. when i am applying work here in australia for a technician i applied in agency during that time i did not tell to agency and also during my medical. because during my medical someone told me that in australia it depends on work that you applying.because there is hepa b screening when your job is in food or medical facilities. but my job is not on that categories thats why i did not tell to the agency. so moving on, after my medical.no problem. until i already here in australia working right now. my question is when the time that come i will apply for pr because right now my visa is 482 or tss visa valid for 4 years. do you think it will affect my application or do you think,will denied my application for pr if they known that i have a hepa b?is there anyone here that granted their pr visa even when they have a hepa b medical issue? kindly share your story. thanks.
  3. hoping

    Tss visa to Pr with hepa B medical issues.

    what i want to know is that,Is there a people here that approved their permanent visa application dispite that they have a hepa b issue on his medical clearance?
  4. Is there anyone here with situation like this? and has anyone here denied or approved for permanent visa application whith this kind of situation. please share your story. I need a feed back from you. plsssssss......
  5. Hi,is anyone here with had an experience with this kind of situation?I need to know your experience and what are the result of your application for Pr? did anyone here denied or approved?please share your story.thank you. hope someone will response.
  6. hoping

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Do you have contact info with george Lombard?
  7. hoping

    Hepatitis B detected, now what to do.

    Any update for of your pr visa application?
  8. hoping

    Hepatitis B detected, now what to do.

    What is the update for your application for Pr? please update me?.Same situation. thanks
  9. hoping

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Good day to every one,I have a question. I am already working here in australia with tss visa. I am planing to apply for Permanent residence but i worried that because i am a healthy carrier of chronic hepa b.do you think it will affect my application and dennied me?and what are the process for applying pr?Is there a medical examination required for applying pr?I hope some one answer my question. thanks. god bless.