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  1. clairehowell

    457 to 482

    Hi @Raul Senise. Yes I’m confused to! On my immi account I still have my 457 which says it expires in Dec 2020. however the documentation my company holds has me on a 482 which expires in July 2020. My lawyer told me that my company should have it acknowledged on the company paperwork that my visa doesn’t expire until 2020. But trying to get someone at immigration to answer emails is a nightmare!
  2. clairehowell

    457 to 482

    Oh interesting @VERYSTORMY Our HR dept did it and dealt with the immigration directly! I believe they transferred. On my immi account it still says 457 visa valid to Dec 2020. any idea how I find out for sure?
  3. clairehowell

    457 to 482

    Hi, I understand that the 482 has replaced the 457, but my 457was granted in 2016 and I believe there are grandfather rules which apply to people in my position. I’m just trying to work out how I get my expiry date recognised on my employers paperwork, as currently I’ve lost 6 months. Also the 482 is only for 2 years not 4 as the 457 was. I’m interested to know if anyone else is in this situation??!!!
  4. clairehowell

    457 to 482

    Hi, my 457 was granted in December 2016 and valid until December 2020. I recently changed employer - still doing the same job. My new employer has put me on a 482 as the 457 is now redundant. However because of this I have lost 6 months of my original end date of December 2020. I want to know what grandfather rules are in place to honour my original 457???