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  1. Hi Belfastchild, It is unfortunately the same application- however the supporting evidence and requirements is a bit lighter (no health checks, less attachments required). We also treated the evidence as just for the period since the last application was submitted rather than our whole relationship- so joint bank statements, social media, bills etc for the last two years only rather than our whole relationship. No word yet on our application (was submitted 5/10) so hopefully we handled it correctly!
  2. Thanks Raul! Hopefully it doesn’t take 12-18 months then- we are kicking ourselves for not waiting an additional couple of months to apply, as we would have then qualified for both 309/109 together.
  3. Hi everyone, My partner (British citizen) and I applied for the 309 partner visa offshore from London in October 2018- it was granted in May 2019 and we moved to Sydney in Aug 2019. We've just submitted the 100 application onshore for permanent residency as it has been 2 years since our original application- did anyone else do the same this year/last year and mind letting me know how long the processing took? Was hoping it would be a relatively quick process but sounds like it could take another 12-18 months? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Belfastchild! Ours is 7/11 which corresponds to the applicant police check dates and we're off to Sydney. Planning on moving in August
  5. We officially had a grant today! Applied on 31 October/ RFI in early April for sponsors foreign birth certificate. Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  6. We didn't complete this form- had a few people on the forum who didn't complete it and weren't asked for it, but some who have. Sorry I can't be more help!
  7. Congratulations @Belfastchild! We are on roughly the same timeframes (applied 31/10, RFI on 02/04), so am hopeful for a grant soon!
  8. Hi @Aussiebird- my partner is British and I am Australian. We originally met while I was on a work visa in the UK, but after we were married, I switched to a UK partner visa. The biometric residence permit is my evidence of ability to stay in the UK- it's a card stating I'm on a spouse visa, have work rights, etc. I uploaded it as I felt it was evidence of our relationship. RFI means request for information- some people have had their visas straight away, while I and some others have had a RFI. In my case, they asked for my foreign birth certificate.
  9. There were a few October applicants that haven't heard anything yet either I believe. @Meath Lass, @Edinlass- any news/updates?
  10. Hi @SmileyD- we did the same as Belfast- did everything through my account as the sponsor. We had a RFI for the sponsor birth certificate last week but no other issues (so far)!
  11. Hi @Kian- we uploaded the following: Applicant: UK birth certificate, UK passport, UK driver's license Sponsor: Aus certificate of citizenship, Australian driver's license, Australian passport and UK biometric permit (as evidence that sponsor currently has a UK partner visa from the applicant). We then had a RFI for the sponsor birth certificate from a foreign country- we didn't think that would be required but apparently it was! So I recommend uploading that too if you weren't born in Australia (or even if you were!)
  12. I meant the grey button at the bottom of the attach documents page that said 'I confirm I have provided information as requested'. After I uploaded the docs and pressed the button, the application status changed to 'further assessment' and the button is now greyed out. Hoping that means it has processed and when they next pick up the application, there is an immediate grant!
  13. @Belfastchild- that's what I've done- have uploaded my birth certificate in the identity section and pressed the grey button to submit. Now worried that wasn't the correct thing to do!
  14. @Jo P- not sure if this is applicable to you from Canada, but I've found the best exchange rate from GBP to AUD is using a Revolut card and occasionally Transferwise. On another note, for all of you with RFIs, did you only upload the relevant evidence in the application and click on the grey box at the bottom? Wanted to make sure I didn't need to email the department or anything else. Thanks!
  15. Good luck @Ben34uk- wishing you all the best. No I was never asked for any proof of funds and I don' t think it is a requirement (unlike in the UK!) And congratulations @Natgoesrunning! We've also had a RFI today- bit different to the others on this list as nothing relating to the applicant, but they've asked for my (sponsor's) birth certificate- I uploaded an Australian driver's license, citizenship certificate and passport but I guess it wasn't enough! Am arranging to have it translated now.