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  1. Are you the sponsor? There’s been a couple of people on this forum who’ve been asked for police checks when they only lived in Aus for 10-11 months, so I would probably get one done.
  2. There have been a couple of RFIs from people who applied in early October, so your application may be picked up soon- we applied on 31/10 so are probably on similar timescales to you/your partner. Re the caution, I would declare it now- it will appear on your police report and that will cause delays later down the track. I had a friend who had their 309/100 visa granted in 7 months last year with a caution on her husband's record as well. It was declared in detail on his application (history of the incident, that it was from 10 years + back, etc) and so there were presumably no issues/delays for his visa as a result.
  3. As the sponsor, I uploaded: Evidence of Australian citizenship: My passport and citizenship certificate (I was born overseas and became a citizen at age 16) Evidence of character: My UK and Aus police clearance certificates Evidence of identity: Australian driver's license Evidence of birth: My passport & birth certificate Evidence of residential address: A bill and current lease agreement Hope that helps!
  4. To @Urban_Fox, the status on both applications is totally normal- I applied on 31/10 and mine are the same. @Ausgirl42 reassured me of this! Its strange that your family members are coming up to upload documents for- I don’t have that. Did you potentially enter them in as migrating members of the family instead of non- migrating? To @clairechesh, I believe there’s an option to add a child to the application as an amendment, or you can apply for Australian citizenship by descent once the child is born.
  5. Congratulations @Katiebobbles! Looks like they’re starting to clear all the pre August applications now
  6. Congratulations @ATE! Where in Australia are you heading?
  7. KitCat

    309 visa - with baby

    Completely agree- especially if you’re looking to have a baby!
  8. KitCat

    309 visa - with baby

    I’m in the same position as you Lauren L, and also was originally on a work visa from Nov 14 (received my partner visa in Dec 17). Unfortunately, none of that previous time counts.
  9. @LouFerg I also missed it but picked it up here! @Ausgirl42 that’s a relief, thanks! Seein
  10. Would anyone in the application received bucket be able to let me know if their corresponding sponsor form is also sitting as ‘submitted’? Just logged in to have a look and noticed its status is submitted rather than received.
  11. Congrats @TanC7! And @CEP would love to be added to the spreadsheet- we submitted for the 309/100 on 31 October, with police checks and medicals uploaded a couple of weeks afterwards.
  12. No in total- this was across 18 people so a fair amount of variation
  13. As a result of a slow day at work, I averaged up everyone in this thread who had had a visa granted or further info requested in 2018 (thanks CEP who I stole most of the information from!) Turns out there is an average of 168 days for further information requests (from day that visa was granted) and average of 188 days for the visa to be granted. For those of us sitting on received status, hope that's useful!
  14. Happy new year everyone! Fingers crossed that there's good news in 2019!