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  1. @Nemesis I am not asking people to give their feedback on my cas I am just asking anyone's experience and final result of 884
  2. Yes...one of my daughter who is very mid case or cerebral palsy
  3. Yes I will be doing that. I am asking about peoples experience.Is it worth a fight even
  4. Hello All Anyone being issued Natural Justice letter and form 884 from the Aus department on PR visa and then after submitting revert got the grant ? Please reply Its urgent ?
  5. Hi H12R/Ronkite, Any update on your application? Anyone got grant with developmental delay ?
  6. Can you please share your mobile number..
  7. Okk.. may be we get through. Fingers crossed. Are you from India ? It is really a long waiting game.. We are waiting since 8th Oct and there is no update yet What I heard is there evaluate the cost to the medical and social services specially support services in school. The threshold is 40K AUD for next 5 years. The threshold limit is so less that usually applicants fail to pass
  8. what is the current status of medical for your kid? Wait for further advice for department ? I have also heard the same that they may ask for additional tests. We lodged on 8th Oct 2018 and waiting for any update since then They can ask for any tests, it is not age limited, else if there are any tests that have age specific limitation they wll wait until the child reaches that age..
  9. Thanks...Did you setup a call with George or was it done through email What were the charges?
  10. We have also submitted the developmental assessment report on 11th Oct and since then the status is same. Waiting for their revert. Did you consult with George Lombard?
  11. Any update on your application semsema ?
  12. yes we will consult. Have you a done the consultation with him ?
  13. No reply yet. The same status since 11th of October Where ae your from, India ? If yes please share your contact details
  14. Noop

    Australian citizenship for child with autism

    Hello Mr. Lombard, Greetings !!! I am from India. We have applied for 189 AUS visa as Business ANalyst with 80 points. Our process was going very smooth until we went for our medicals. We have twins 2 years old. One of my little one had a very compromised neonatal period. She has motor developmental delay. Like she started independent sitting at the age of 15 months , standing at the age of 22 months. Otherwise she is very active child who responds to name, fair eye contact, follows all command, talk few words meaningful. She has some stiffness in her legs due to which she doesn't walk until now. As per doctors here the only treatment for her is physiotherapy. Her therapist is very happy the way she is catching on her milestones. The doctor at the clinic said that even mild stiffness in legs is called cerebral palsy but she is really not a bad case. The doctor put some comments on the medical site and we were asked for developmental assessment. We went through the assessment and shared the report on emedical site and since then the status is Health assessed Wait for further advice from the department Health examination results for this person have been assessed but further action may be required. The case officer will contact the person with further information. Please suggest what are the chances of rejection or grant in this case. Many thanks in advance. Regards,
  15. Noop

    medicals referred to moc

    Did you get the visa? We are in same situation Please can you reply