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  1. munyaradzif

    Visa 491 - Northern Territory

    Probably nomination was quick for u as deadline for end of 489 was approaching. How is job market in mech engineering and is it east to get a job if one relocates with a 489 visa before getting a job.
  2. munyaradzif

    China police clearance

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. So if I am outside China and not a Chinese national, I get police clearance from my country and how do I proceed with the Notary route while i am not in China?
  3. munyaradzif

    Visa 489 Application

    I have been nominated and invited to submit a visa 489 application. After opening the ImmiAccount and about to start the process, i only see 2 options 489 Subsequent Entrant and 489 Renewal. Anyone who knows how to go about it, is there an error somewhere? Or am I doing it the wrong way?
  4. munyaradzif

    Arrived in Tassie

    Hie Kirran and can1983 I am considering moving to Tas as well and need some assistance if you yould pliz contact me
  5. munyaradzif

    489 Sponsored Tasmania Visa: Times of Processing EOI

    Kaleem Have you already relocated to Tasmania yet. I am looking for someone currently residing in Tasmania to assist me with some documentation.
  6. munyaradzif

    PR invitation for 65 points

    Did u say Nov 2017 or you wanted to say Nov 2018? If 2017 that's too long back, you may have to log into the skillsellect just to confirm your EOI is still active. Chances are that it might have been deleted already. If it's still there please work on raising your points and update. Otherwise keep waiting.
  7. munyaradzif

    Waiting for grant 190

    I submitted 2 EOIs in November last year but it now appears as if they have both been de-activated is it not allowed to submit 2 EOIs to different states for 190?
  8. munyaradzif

    EOI application queries

    Thank you for the clarity. I hope to get my invite soon from any state NSW, WA or VIC as since I have gone 5 weeks now.
  9. munyaradzif

    EOI application queries

    Lamngoc Thank you for the explanation. Did you therefore get an invitation after submitting many discrete EOIs as I see others say you can be rejected for applying to other states. Are they able to check all states you would have applied for or each state just invites you independently.
  10. munyaradzif

    Visa 190 ACT - Online Application

    Hie. If I may ask how long did you wait to get an invitation and how many points? I have been waiting for an invite for 190 for 5 weeks now 70 points.
  11. munyaradzif

    190 Tasmania

    Good day. Anyone who got an invitation to apply for 190 recently. How many points are they considering, I submitted with 70 points including state points. Submitted EOI 2 weeks ago job code 233512.
  12. munyaradzif

    Vic 190

    Thank you Lisa for the insight. Do you think this - "Increase of points/competition to 75 for State Nomination" applies for other states like NSW, WA and Tasmania? or they might be relaxed to lower points like 70.
  13. munyaradzif

    Vic 190

    Lisa Would you know what points they are currently inviting people for visa 190 Victoria Mechanical Engineering I submitted a week ago.