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  1. Stoney

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Hey guys interestingly, we’ve had dorree bonner and Anglo Pacific out to quote, a little undecided on who to work with at the moment, however two things which may be worth knowing: Anglo Pacific said Jeyes fluid helps in the process, Dorree Bonner said the opposite, again stating that clean thoroughly is the only way forward and to quote the guy “if you’re told to use Jeyes, all your stuff will smell and they’ll know you’ve shipped with someone who doesn’t understand the nature of the checks. one big plus with Dorree Bonner was that they partner with a charity, so anything you don’t want to ship and instead donate to charity, they arrange that for you, saves another headache. they were about 300 apart for a 20ft container to Sydney just over 4K each
  2. You're welcome KitCat! My understanding is that completing this linked application is essentially replacing the 40sp form electronically. Whilst I'm no expert we went through and got the 100 visa without query so hopefully that's a good sign. Good luck!
  3. Hello! See the screen grab below. The sponsor needs to do a separate application on the immiaccount and you can reference the application reference of the stage 1 that you will have already submitted. I hope that helps!
  4. Hiya On your immiaccount you need to log a separate application from your sponsor. Much of it mirrors your info and statements that you've got to provide about your relationship aspects. It asks for he applicants case number and therefore links the two applications The heading is Family-sponsorship Hopefully that makes sense!
  5. Hi Freo81 Fresh from getting my visa today so happy to offer some help. Of course by uploading all your evidence now will be considered front loading your application. My definition of front loading is having your health and police checks done ahead of any case officer interaction, which could be wrong haha. There are the mandatory things to get. We had three witness statements from Aussie friends who could vouch for the legitimacy of the relationship and application. We did the form 888 too which seems par for the course. We didn't get around to uploading my wife's police certificates and some people say a female sponsor is less likely to need to provide them as the focus is around domestic violence apparently, but we were approved anyway. Other tips. We forgot to do the sponsor linked application on the immiaccount so make sure you do that, the immigration website is also very clear on the steps needed to demonstrate a true relationship and how to substantiate that. Otherwise ask questions as someone else will have experience on your questions!
  6. Boom! Just received 309 and 100 too this afternoon. As above no contact, applied 28th June. Actually still awaiting sponsors police checks as only ordered them last week so quite shocked it's come through without question! Everything else was front loaded, so that was pretty slick given we saw 20+ months in July as the waiting time
  7. Very good! Silly question, how do you get your visa details in the footer of your posts?
  8. I can’t believe you are still in the waiting lounge! Hopefully you’ll hear something soon!
  9. That's one thing I've been checking like a maniac on in my immiaccount several times a day!!!