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  1. aussiedream

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Wahoo! That's great news Joseline! Sounds like you're getting that bit closer!
  2. aussiedream

    Life insurance

    This is super helpful thank you Marissa, really appreciate the info.
  3. aussiedream

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    179 over here.... it seems theyve really slowed right down again so I'm trying to keep busy but man what a stress [emoji23]
  4. aussiedream

    Life insurance

    Hi All, Just not sure what were supposed to do with regards to life insurance. We will be going over on a 489 with the intention of staying long term if all goes to plan. What do we do with our life insurance policies over here? Do we cancel and get new ones in Australia or just keep them going? Thanks
  5. aussiedream

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Good luck Jetblast, look forward to hearing how your first few weeks are!
  6. aussiedream

    Going to australia before Visa grant

    Totally, although my idea, I am not a risk taker so this is certainly something to think on. We have been given a "too good to be true offer" but it does require selling by aug-sept so I think this will probably be the case whether we get the visa or not. Hopefully it wont be refused, but the very worst would be an extended holiday travelling and visiting my aging parents who live over there too. And we would be moving from our current home anyway so I suppose it would be a fresh start in Australia or fresh start in UK. Very good point about the visas overlapping though that would be something I would need to figure out - will speak to our agent as well as I would hate to do anything to jeopardise our potential visa. Thanks again x
  7. aussiedream

    Going to australia before Visa grant

    Just wondering if this is possible at all? Its something we have looked at as my husband and I have been working ourselves silly for quite some time and our plan was to sell our business when we get our visa. Now however it looks like we would have a sell in place for september, we applied end of January so are thinking of spending 4-6weeks travelling around Australia visiting some family as we will probably not have an opportunity for a big break like this again for some time! Is that possible to land onshore on a holiday Visa? Or as needed to activate must you come back to UK first? Just looking at our options if the visa isnt in place, nothing set in stone at the minute! Thanks a lot x
  8. aussiedream

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    I suppose that makes sense with it being pretty wow with grants. Does it maybe just mean not enough grants in the last month to give an a curate statistic? Hopefully picks up soon this feels like I'm going to have along wait yet!
  9. aussiedream

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Oh man! Could that be the case? Surely if they are nominating they would keep within their allocation? Or maybe not I guess...
  10. aussiedream

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Is it because of peoples people's points they are going first? I suppose there's no way to know their system - could just be simple cases that have been picked.
  11. aussiedream

    489 Visa Gang

    I had asked my MA about this as wanted to get this done asap and was told to wait until requested [emoji2374]
  12. aussiedream

    489 to PR how does it work

    Thanks good to know i wasn't missing anything! Cheers
  13. aussiedream

    489 to PR how does it work

    Hi, im still awaiting my 489 but just wondered once you have completed two years and want to apply for PR. Is the only 2 requirements that you have worked for at least one year and this is regional? Are there other boxes you must tick? Also is it best to apply as soon as you hit the 2 year mark? I see people have had quite a wait for their visa after 489? Thanks
  14. aussiedream

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    I suppose the the positive is at least there is a guide time again [emoji1787] Hopefully it doesnt go up too much more!
  15. aussiedream


    Hi all, Im just wondering with points based ive heard that obviously those with more points get their applications seen first. Is that for the application for visa or is this for applying to state sponsorship? Or maybe both? Just wondered as ive only got 65 points with SS for 489 so i guess it will be a long wait! Thanks