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  1. Cheers. Quite crazy. Just in all the middle of sorting everything out to leave to land just before Christmas. Will still be on here for a while though if anyone has questions. This place has been a god send in keeping me sane over the last 9 months.
  2. It's under settings and then signature.
  3. Huge congrats. Glad to see the flow continuing this week
  4. yes, definitely would recommend that. I have seen others get this requested when they have just uploaded a scanned version. The 40SP form needs to be completed online, but your agent may have transferred all the information fro your hard copy to the one online, might be worth checking.
  5. We just got our golden email!!!!!!! we have been granted both the 309 and the 100 at the same time. Still cant believe that even the 309 is here, let alone both of them. Got my fingers crossed for you all, especially those which are waiting a bit longer than most, as it seem they are racing through them now.
  6. thanks thats a great help that such minimal information is needed.
  7. HUGE congrats. Well thats thrown my theory of grants only coming towards the end of the week out of the water.
  8. good stuff. How long did it take for the visa to come through? and did you have to submit a load of evidence with it? trying to decide if we should apply for a 60 visa or if a 3 month ETA would be sufficient.
  9. mhcornwall

    309/100 Drivers Licence Exchange

    Thank you for posting this. Dont know why I couldnt find this earlier.
  10. You always come in to my mind for every grant that comes through. Hope you get something soon that is positive.
  11. mhcornwall

    309/100 Drivers Licence Exchange

    Havent arrived yet, but will be arriving in to queensland in the near future on a 309
  12. amazing news, this is so positive to see them continuing to come through. Looks like thursday and friday are the days for RFIs and grants
  13. Hi All. Does anyone know how long you have to exchange your licence in Australia if you arrive on a 309 visa? Some advice is saying you dont since PR has not yet been granted, yet some understanding is if you are in Australia over 3 months then it needs tobe done. Any advice would be hugely appreciated
  14. Finger crossed for you corkie, will be looking out for your golden email as we lodge a week after you and our RFIs look a couple of weeks apart.
  15. this is great news HUGE CONGRATS!!!!