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  1. We applied on the 9th Feb and had the RFI on the 24th July. Looking like ro get the initial look they have is taking about 5 1/2 months. But maybe delayed because of the financial year
  2. Huge congrats. Glad to see a grant come through.
  3. I dont think so. To be honest after she completed her form we havent logged in to her account again. We will need to soon as we have to apply for our little ones aussie citizenship via descent now she has fu ally joined the work a couple of months ago.
  4. As above. My wife created her own immi account and linked to my application. Once this was done I think she has 18 pages to complete compared to 26 pages roughly, on my side. Much the same to be honest with the basic personal info and then accounts of each area of the relationship from her side. When this linked on my account I could then see her name to upload evidence such as ID docs etc When my wife was completing her side you can see 40SP down at the bottom Good luck
  5. Checked mine earlier today and noticed mine is now at further assessment. Fingers crossed they process them quickly.
  6. It's the london office at the aussie high com. Our officer is called Axxxxxxx if that matters. Wonder how many people they have working onnthe cases.
  7. Just uploaded and pressed the confirm button at the bottom to see this message on the next page "Your update was successful. The application will be assigned for processing as soon as possible in line with departmental priorities." fingers crossed like everyone is saying that this doesn't go to the back of the big queue. Can see a bit of a delay due to the change of government and financial year that appears to have put at least a month delay on things
  8. So we finally have all the evidence needed for the RFI that came through and about to upload. Do we just upload in the relevant sections? or do we need to upload in a specific section? does anyone also know if we have to notify our caseworker that the evidence has been uploaded? if so, does anyone know how to do this? So nervous now the RFI has come through and dont want to do anything wrong
  9. We completed the online 40SP by creating an immi account for my wife. I would submit this so they cant come back for the information later. So many variables with forms etc that's it's a hit confusing what and what not to fill out. Good luck
  10. I got my police check and uploaded it about 3 months after submission and before out RFI last week. In the RFI it was just my wife's original birth certificate that was requested and nothing about a police check for her. I have found that a bit strange as we submitted all the other info about her aussie citizenship.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. It's just standard documents that they ask for. As with my RFI they have asked for my wife's birth certificate and she has never ever needed it in her life. If that's all they need you sound like you're in a great situation.
  12. HUGE THANKS!!! you have just eased the worry that we were having. We ultimately thought the worst when it cam through. Even though we can fully piece of together, our minds just went to the worst outcome. Just wondering, how long did your boss take to get approved? My only worry now is that the time to process the RFI will take longer now. Thanks for the names on here. Really appreciated.
  13. We didnt submit either of these docs. Just had a quick look online and it seems to be something that the case officer can ask for. This wasnt asked for in my RFI
  14. Hi. An update from my end. We received an RFI today for my wife's (the sponsor) original birth certificate. A few calls back to oz and it turns out we can piece together the turn of events from my wife's birth, but there is no birth certificate as she was born in the middle east. We have quite a few supporting documents and birth certificate and registration in the UK and proof of australian citizenship. But does anyone know of an immigration lawyer in london that knows the australian system? Or would an immigration agent be able to deal with such a complex query? If so can anyone recommend a really good one to go to? Thanks in anticipation
  15. Congrats. Assuming you dodnt have any RFIs and it went straight to grant. Literally checking every day just to make sure I don't miss an email. Fingers crossed this will be the start of some flurry of movements this week.