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  1. Huge congrats!!!!
  2. If you go into the settings, there is an sub heading for signature. Go into there and you should ne able to add it.
  3. Huge congrats. Another one down. Glad to see the timing of about 5-6 months continuing.
  4. Congrats. Plenty of time to plan the move. Fingers crossed you will be hearing soon @samie97. Let's hope they churn through them this week.
  5. We did the same. My wife (the aussie) had her own immi account and then linked the online 40SP to my application. Then uploaded her ID docs against her account and then everything else against mine. Still to get the health and police checks done. Not yet received a RFI yet, but would expect that in a couple of months if the current timings continue.
  6. If the trend is running true you may be heading over a year earlier than planned. Approvals are taking about 6 months. If you look a bit earlier in the thread there is a spreadsheet that a member has created. Gives a good indication of time. Welcome to the forum
  7. That's amazing news. Congrats!!!! Glad to see the November applications coming through now.
  8. Hi The 40SP is online. My wife (the aussie) created her own immi account and went through to the sponsor form option. At the bottom of the online form you can see 40SP. When you enter the application number of 309/100 applicant it will then link it up for the case officer. Fingers crossed for everyone. Still in the early stages here after submitting in early Feb.
  9. @CEP is there a way to upload the spreadsheet on to google sheets so it can be left as a shareable document? Then you won't have to worry about updating it.
  10. great to hear all these grants being processed. I am unfortunately at the back of the queue with paying on the 9th February. So a long time for me to go.
  11. mhcornwall

    Wife Pregnant When 309/100 Visa Lodged

    just read the timelines for that and 4 months for 90% of applications which is pretty decent. guessing that would take us up to the time when we would think about moving over there. wonder if anyone has been in this situation if or how the pregnancy would be declared and if it would have any impact, positively or negatively on the decision or time it takes from being assigned to a case officer
  12. mhcornwall

    Wife Pregnant When 309/100 Visa Lodged

    she shouldn't need to have a medical. From looking in to it, the only evidence specific to just my wife will be her police checks. She was left PNG 8 years ago after working there. So that will be fun trying to get the police check from there
  13. Hi All. I just wanted to check something, my wife (aussie) and myself (british) are applying for the 309/100 and my wife is current 5 months pregnant. We are expecting the visa to be granted after the baby is born, but the query is do we need to declare the pregnancy? at the moment we don't have any dependants, but if the visa is granted after the baby is born, we would have one. I know from looking in to citizenship, that the baby would automatically get aussie citizenship by descent if born over here. we just want to get everything in order and declared so there isn't any additional delays. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated. Marc