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  1. EurotoAus


    Hi guys, Doing app soon. Noticed you can choose your test centre? Thought be better to choose one with lesser wait period? Read different opinions, but this forum appears sensible place to ask! Thanks
  2. EurotoAus

    Overseas Police Check Address

    Hi mate UK. So it has address on it, but I just moved from there. I got it early because of time it takes! Do you think be an issue? Of course, will be on previous addresses. thanks
  3. EurotoAus

    Overseas Police Check Address

    Hi guys, Applying soon, but just moved and realised the international police check I ordered has prior address on it. Will it matter to DIPB? As isn’t current address. thank you
  4. EurotoAus


    Hi guys I would soon like to apply for citizenship, but I was wondering- I arrived to activate PR visa May 17 (one week), then went back to UK to sell house/arrange animals etc. Came again in August that year for house search, then went back to complete house sale etc. I moved fully in Jan 18. Have been told 4 years starts from activation? does that count if residential address was in UK from the May to Dec 17? Thank you so much.
  5. EurotoAus

    Address change after PR grant

    Thank you both. Reason I ask is because on form: 1022, it says You do not have to notify the Department of any changes in your circumstances that occurred: • after you were granted your visa (if you applied for your visa in Australia); or • after you have been immigration cleared (if you applied for your visa outside Australia).
  6. EurotoAus

    Address change after PR grant

    Hi Guys, Quick one. Been in Australia 6 months now after PR grant. Do I need to keep DIBP informed of change of address? Conflicting information around. Thank you in advance :)
  7. EurotoAus

    Citizenship question

    Thanks Paulhand. I just thought it would look odd when they ask for last 5 years of address that the house in UK would be part of the 4 years!
  8. EurotoAus

    Citizenship question

    Thank you Verystormy. It that also the case even though my address is currently in the UK? still working etc... Thanks again
  9. EurotoAus

    Citizenship question

    Hi guys, Bit advanced I know, but wanted to get view on this: Myself and partner are permanent residents and activated visa (first entry) in May 2018. We had to return to UK to sell the house (pain in the ass). We were back in Australia in August 2018 and will be back permanently in December 2018 My question is: Can we apply for citizenship in May 2022? or Dec 2022? (presuming we don't travel again)- Basically, has the four year wait started? Thank you