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  1. canopus

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    Seems good to me actually. Mind if I ask you which department you specifically contacted for? I am currently looking for a release letter but the dept I contacted (Skilled Migration Tasmania <-) said they do not issue a release letter so I think probably I approached to a wrong address. What is the name of SA immigration office you contacted and how did you know that they are the one you need to contact to?
  2. Hi, I've been looking for all the information I need recently and I had 2 friends of mine who got 190 same with me and they already left for looking for a job (one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne). I have committed to Tasmania and I honor the commitment I made but the situation is not promising. I am barely making a living here and have gathered all the resumes and application results and just by looking at them makes me feel like I am useless. I have studied a Bachelor's degree in accounting and have various job experiences (accounting, IT and I am very good at working). After looking for a job for a few months, I found that probably lacking accounting experience could have been the minus point on my resume so I temporarily moved to Sydney and worked as an accountant for 4 months and came back to Tasmania but things were the same. All I had was 1 interview and that was all. I submitted my resume offline & online and attended many events that could possibly give me a slight chance of having an interview but none of them worked for me. However, Luckily, I recently got a job offer from another state. It is a job that I've been dreaming of and is a government job. As much as I respect the commitment I made to the Tasmanian government which helped me to remain in this beautiful city, I would like to humbly accept the job offer because I see no possibility of getting a job here in Tasmania. I am still in Tasmania and I have contacted Skilled Migration Tasmania through email and their response was very ambiguous. I have written 4 pages long explaining my current and previous experiences and difficulties that I am experiencing with all the documents that I handed in. I still remember the first time I landed in Tasmania. A girl was waiting in the airport and asked me if I want a ride to the University haha probably she thought I'm a fob to study in Tasmania (she was right) and the first date when I met a guy (I still remember his face) and he was sooo kind and he was actually the one who made me believe that I can really be a part of Australian society. I love Tasmania and I was hoping to get a job and buy a home here, but things weren't very promising for me so I guess I have to apply for a release letter. I have contacted Skilled Migration Tasmania and they replied to me saying that the decision is mine and they hope me to come back later to the beautiful city(I WILL!!! DEFINITELY!!) but clarified that they do not issue a release letter. So I was wondering to whom should I contact to ask for a release letter? If it's not too much to ask, can anyone give me some thoughts on it?