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  1. Hi all, I saw on vetassess website following. Licensed Trades - 6 years' employment experience (with no formal training) Licensed Trades - 4 years' employment experience (with relevant formal training) Can anyone pls tell me if the formal training is your academic qualifications (Diploma or Degree) ? Or formal training is a separate training done after Diploma or Degree? Thank you
  2. Deepak

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    How long your skill assessment outcome took? Mine is 90 days over ... Thank you.
  3. Deepak

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    Do you mean, your husbands skill assessment result was received in 6 months? ... They clearly mentioned they take maximum 90 days.
  4. Deepak

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    My TRA submission was acknowledged on 28th Feb.. almost going to be 90 days.. no any response from TRA yet.
  5. Hi all, I’m planning to apply skill assessment to TRA but I found multiple occupation which suit to my work but 312312 seems easy as no practical test. Electrical Engineering Technician - ANZSCO 312312 Description: Conducts tests of electrical systems, prepares charts and tabulations, and assists in estimating costs in support of Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technologists. Specialisations Electrical Engineering Laboratory Technician Electrical Instrument Technician From the above information, Yes I’m doing testing of electrical systems. but I’m not specialist in any of above 2 specialisations. (Should my job related to these 2 specialisations?) Should I still choose this occupation ? Kindly advise. Thank You
  6. Thank you for the info and very Congratulations Jonno
  7. Hi Jonno, which occupation and with how many points did you apply ?  Thanks
  8. Hi Jellica, which occupation and with how many points did you apply ? Thanks
  9. You only can get points From work experience which is already assessed by relevant authorities ( Vetassess in ur your case). If you want to claim points for 8 years experience, you should submit evidence of 8 years work to vetassess to assess your experience. Points claimed from non-assessment skills will be forfeited.