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  1. mia.oh.my

    Shippers, not recommended

    We're just getting quotes now. Out of interest, why would you recommend a 3rd party insurer over the removals company?
  2. @samie97 We had separate accounts. As the Sponsor, I uploaded the basics required, but all the supportive evidence, we filed under my partners account. IMMI links them together so I wouldn't worry.
  3. @mppc How did you make do while you were waiting for all your possessions to arrive in Australia?
  4. @Marisawright @Jo P On this note about shipping (we're intending to use a Movecube), we're dithering about whether so send stuff out ahead of us and then making do with borrowing stuff from friends and family to tide us over. Or shipping our gear when we leave and then renting a full household 'kit of goods' (bedding, crockery, furniture etc etc) and wondered if anyone had any experience with doing this and if they would recommend it? It would be for the short term until our stuff arrived in Sydney. So 3 months, I guess? Most apartments I've looked at online are furnished with white goods anyway.
  5. @Belfastchild That's odd they've asked you for another UK police check. Are all the names you've been known by on your certificate? I also thought they were asking for my UK police check again but it was on the checklist page, under my name, that it was a bit clearer and they weren't asking for it again. The letter is formatted in a confusing way! I never had any luck in getting through to a case officer previous to our grant but I think a few people have listed a contact number for the department on this thread. @Bruce down under RFIs for police checks etc come through as an email (and will also be noted on your IMMI account).
  6. Hurrah! Great news [emoji2]
  7. @ticklebug74 you have a year to activate the visa by entering Australia from the date of your medicals and police check.
  8. Can you let me know who the shipping company is @Thom? Thanks.
  9. @Dmb81 I'm not sure why I had to do a police check. I'd submitted a UK one, but maybe it's because we're taking children with us? I don't know. Maybe have a look through this thread and see if anyone else had to do similar - even if just living in Australia as a child. It took about 15 working days to come through, was inexpensive and straightforward - in case you decide / or get asked to do one. Thank you for the well wishes. Same to you!
  10. Ours were for my Australian police check (even though I have never lived in Australia), and UK police check and medicals for my husband and 2 young kids. We're flying out to Sydney at the end of November to try and get settled before the start of the Aussie school year.
  11. And we're in! Grants came through this morning Thank you everyone on this thread for the moral support, sharing and caring and encyclopaedic levels of information... and to @CEP for the most invaluable spreadsheet, which gives a really good indiction of timings and helped form our decisions up until this point. Good luck everyone still waiting.
  12. No way! That’s amazing news! Congrats! We lodged at the same time so here’s hoping our grants are en route...
  13. Do you have any idea what the hold up might be? Did you have a complex RFI request? Really hope you get some good news soon.
  14. Sure - it's here: https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks