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    Pet meat eligibility 2nd year

    Hi guys, I'm currently working for a pet meat company. We process raw meat such as tendons, liver, pigs ears, kangaroo and so on, we remove bones, cut and slice and then cook and package all the products. My question is, is this classed as primary processing? Or secondary? We don't add ingredients and literally work with raw meat all day. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  2. Azza6911

    Applying for 2nd year visa

    Hi guys and girls. So I'm working for a company within a regional postcode. Doing event hire and fencing. I've rang immigration and asked if they could check if it's a valid job for 2nd year visa and they said they couldn't tell me until I apply. I haven't yet completed my 88 days. But nervous it won't meet the requirements. So my question is. What do they actually check? I have all my pay slips. Photo evidence and so on. But what's the procedure? Do they just check to see you've paid tax? That the jobs I'm the correct area? Do they check what entry level award you're being paid? I'm a little nervous Any help or advice would be appreciated
  3. Azza6911

    2nd year visa abn

    Hi. I'm wondering if my partner who's Australian was to set up a general bricklaying and labouring company in her name. And then employ me, all legally of course. I do the work. And then get paid as an employee. Would that count for my 88 days? I'm a qualified bricklayer.. but really struggling to find a company to take me on. So would this route be acceptable to immigration? Thanks for your help guys
  4. Azza6911

    2nd year visa abn

    Also she isn't my wife.. she's my girlfriend. We don't live together or have any ties out of a social life
  5. Azza6911

    2nd year visa abn

    I've been offered plenty of work self employed to do work.. just not companies. I'm not allowed an abn myself due to being on a WHV. And to do the work requires the correct legal paperwork. AJ. Yes, Construction work and house renovations including brickwork is allowed towards 2nd year visa. And I'm I'm the correct postal code for it also
  6. Azza6911

    2nd year visa abn

    Even if it's a fully legitimate business? And I'm actually doing the work, all taxes are paid and done?