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    PR application lodged + pregnant

    Hi ! Here’s an update on this topic now that I’ve gone through the motions and have the answer to my earlier questions My PR was (thankfully) granted in Dec 2018 which also meant I didn’t need to have another bupa medical assessment. Our baby boy was born in May 2019 (5.5 months later) and I received the full 18 weeks parental pay/maternity pay from the government via centrelink. As I had PR status by the time he was born, he is an Australian citizen. Happy to share any other experience if it’ll be helpful for anyone.
  2. LoftyTurtle


    We use TunnelBear but is paid in USD. Works out to be $14 AUD a month. Hola is one I’ve heard of too.
  3. LoftyTurtle

    PR application lodged + pregnant

    Hi there, I lodged my PR in Feb this year (visa 186) and current processing time is 14-15 months. I am pregnant and due in May 2019, which would be the ‘15th month’ of visa processing so being realistic, there’s a chance I may not have PR by the time baby arrives. I’m in full time work (457) and plan to be up until I give birth. Will I be entitled to the 18 week Centrelink maternity leave pay if I don’t have PR? I meet the other eligibility requirements online. Will I also need to go for another medical examination after Feb 2019? I completed this in Feb this year and I hear they’re only valid for 12 months. If anyone has had a similar experience, it would be great to hear from you and understand what happens. Thanks!