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  1. Hi Everyone, Im going to be moving to Brisbane next year with my girlfriend as her family are from there and I also really enjoyed the city. I can get the partner visa as we have been together for 7 years and can prove our relationship. The only thing im worried about is getting my refrigeration engineer skills and qualifications accepted over there. Ive been told that i need to apply for an OTSR from an approved trades recognition service. After following all the links on the websites i was given by the Trades Recognition Australia I was sent to the website of Vetassess. But when I got in contact with the australian refrigeration council they told me that they dont accept OTSR from Vetassess as qualifications. So my question to anyone out there is this. Has anyone else had experience of getting their skills recognised before they enter Australia but not for needing it as part of their visa application? Also can anyone tell me what is the correct process for getting their qualifications and skills transferred over in refrigeration? And finally has anyone had any experience in the context gap training that i have been told i will have to do when i get there? I find it hard to believe that for a country almost entirely made up of immigrants its so difficult to get your previous qualifications accepted. Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on this subject
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    Refrigeration engineer moving to Brisbane

    oh ok, thanks for that advice wrussell. i was under the impression that i would have to get Vetassess approval before i could then start working in my chosen field of refrigeration in Australia? i understand that i would have to get my Arc license from Queensland when i arrive but i thought that Vetassess was THE big one that always had to be done if you wanted your qualifications and skills transferred over and accepted in Australia. or have you heard something different? Cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been an industrial refrigeration engineer for 4 years now and am planning on moving to Brisbane with my girlfriend. We've been together 7 seven years and shes an Australian citizen so i know i could get a visa as her de facto partner but am in the process of getting a skilled visa as we worked out its a bit cheaper as either way i would have to get my skills assessed if i want to work as a refrigeration engineer out there. Im currently on the stage 1 of the TRA and am just waiting to hear when the practical skills assessment dates in the UK are for 2019. I just wanna check what the next stages are as theres a LOT of info on the net and some of it seems to contradict what others say. So as far as i can see the stages you need to go through for the skilled visa as a refrigeration engineer are: 1. Apply for the TRA pathway 1 and get my qualifications, licences and skills assessed through the 2 stages of it. 2. Apply for my Australian skilled worker visa showing my completed TRA and making sure i have at least 70 points on their test 3. Submit an expression of interest (EOI) and wait to hear if im accepted 4. When arrive in Australia apply for my refrigeration gasses handling license from Queensland state 5.If i get a job offer from someone have to work supervised for a year before i can then work solo I ask as i know they have changed the requirements for getting in, also i want to check that theres not anything ive missed out and am not doing that could seriously hold up or mess up my application. Also has anyone ever used a migration agent? Im just wondering if there is any plus to adding on that extra cost or if everything can be done myself with a bit of hard work and effort? Cheers for any help you can give guys.