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  1. mikesmyth

    How to prioritize a tourist visa application

    What i mean by getting knocked back, is that the visa status at the immi portal is recieved but the processing time keeps changing at the end of each month. I believe I had applied 4 times, 3 of which got refused for not meeting the criteria (the last two of which referenced a TRN of the tourist visa) and the fourth attempt said my parents were a greater risk to the Australian society than my family emergency (despite supporting letters from 3 different hospitals).
  2. Hi all, So my parents were on a bridging visa (they applied for the aged parent visa) and travelled outside of AU before COVID hit. Unfortunatety they were outside of Australia when the border restrictions kicked in and their bridging visa got expired / cancelled due to them not making it back in time (or rather not allowed to come back). Have been advised to apply for a tourist visa to get them back (and then applying for an exemption). The tourist visa application was applied for in June 2020 and keeps getting knocked back. Is there any way to contact the team behind it and ask them to process it due to a family emergency need here in Australia? Thanks in advance for the help / replies.
  3. I will apply for my wife's onshore partner visa and she will go onto a bridging visa hopefully. As far as Ive been told, it takes upto 2 years for the case officer to assess the relationship before granting the permanent spouse visa. Will my wife have any sort of medical cover on the bridging visa until then? Because if we are planning to have a baby, we want to avoid huge delivery costs (been told its upto $25,000). Medicare might lower that price, so will private insurance, but private insurance asks for a 12month waiting period....
  4. Hi All, My parents tourist visa expires on the 9th of Feb. I plan to lodge the application this week. Will there be enough time for the CO to conduct an initial assessment and place my parents on a bridging visa? Thanks
  5. Hi, I will be applying for the 804 parent visa and there is a section on AoS for me which I need to apply for at Human Services. However later in the application form there is no information as to when I have to apply for this? Should I do it before the application? or when the immi officer asks me to (after the application). Thanks
  6. mikesmyth

    Parent Visa 804

    For the checklist it says "provide birth certificates for all the persons included in the application" I assume its asking for birth certificates of those applying for the visa (implied by "the application"), and not every person listed (like fathers brothers sisters etc) right? As for insurance, I will get it locally just to be safe.
  7. mikesmyth

    Parent Visa 804

    There is a question on the parent visa application form regarding health insurance. Bit of background. My parents are on a 3 month tourist visa without the "No further stay" condition. Another thread mentioned that the bridging visa would apply the conditions of the tourist visa. 1. Does this mean I have to fund for health insurance during the 30 year wait? Since the tourist visa does not provide medicare cover. 2. Should I find insurance cover before submitting the 804 application? Does it have any affect on the outcome? (both initial queuing and final outcome) 3. They wont be able to work either? Since the tourist visa has a 8101 - No Work requirement? 4. Document requirement. My parents each come from a big family and they dont even remember their DOB of some of their siblings. Do they need to include their birth and marriage certificates too? 5. Considering they have about 2 months left on their tourist visa, will I have enough time to do a health check before they can get queued? Sorry for creating a new thread, did not want to hijack the other. Mods can merge if they see fit.
  8. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Another question is the medical test... I was thinking of getting it it done in advance, but I recollect that the dept gives you a HAP ID and then you have to book it. She will have roughly 2.5 months to stay in Australia, will it be enough time to get a medical done and submitted in time?
  9. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    been talking with her every day, and visited her family in May 2018. no cohabitation. so how do I go about proving cohabitation? sorry if it sounds like a silly question. i stated on the tourist visa (as a letter address to immigration) that the girl will be staying at my place during her visits. does that automatically imply cohabitation - esp since it was her relationship to me is listed as a "friend" thanks for your valuable advice in the next post on how to prove a genuine relationship its just that intended marriage was not mentioned in the "reasons to visit" Australia. admittedly our fault, but we were afraid it would risk a rejection. it looks like PMV is a better method at this point in time - hopefully it wouldnt take a full 18 months to process
  10. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Fair enough. So if I marry her lets say by mid-Feb (end of Feb her visa will expire). And apply immediately for the spouse visa? Will it not be suspicious. Im afraid could result in a ban, or a rejection. And if it is rejected wont it be an issue for future applications? I want to play safe. Ive been in contact with her since March 2018. Visited her in May. Will conduct an engagement ceremoney in Nov. She will visit Nov, and then again in Dec to Feb. Families involved from both sides. Ive heard immigration step in and say "not genuine" enough.
  11. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Didnt know PMV was strictly offshore. Also someone else in the thread said they got married while his wife was on a tourist visa and didnt have any issues. And also learning new stuff, so possibly when i posted the original query i did not know about it
  12. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    This was from another forum: Quote If you don't tell them the marriage plans, then be very careful about little details like why she is visiting. Don't mention fiancé or even BF, just a friend etc. I had a mate who got caught out in this with his UK GF, and they refused to let her into the country, put her straight back on a plane and told him to apply for the right visa. This was all because of a casual question at immigration on where she was going to be staying. She said "with my fiancé" – and that was it. off for a chat in an office. If you do tell them about the marriage plans they 100% will deny you a tourist visa and make you apply for a prospective marriage visa – they can also start talking about temporary bans for attempt
  13. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Except for the fact, that it wasnt mentioned in the reason on why she intends to visit australia. Because if she intended to come to Australia to marry, she should apply for PMV and not tourist. If it was mentioned in the reason for visitng Australia, the immi guys would have refused the tourist visa. Wont the authorities feel that they have been taken advantage of. Like that they werent told the whole story of her intent to travel. They obviously wont believe the girl fell in love in 3 months and wanted to marry. It might backfire on both of us
  14. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    She got a multiple entry 3 month visa without a "no further stay" condition i will not marry her once she is here, because it considered a breach of tourist visa conditions (it was never mentioned in the intention for visiting when applying for the visa) once she is here, I will apply for the PMV. question is - what happens then? does she get bridging or not?
  15. mikesmyth

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Qualified in what sense? Can you please elaborate? I have permanent residency in Australia.