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  1. A few years back,I went to Australia to study.I came back to Europe last year but I would like to go back to continue my studies. The previous time I was there,I changed courses twice.I was just 19 at the time and I didn’t know what I wanted to study(I’m aware that Immigration doesn’t care about this of course). The first time I changed course was because I was being bullied at school so I chose a completely new school AND course field as well. The second time was because the course was very hard for me academically so I ended up changing course field and school again. Everything was good at the 3rd school. I remember my lawyer(back then) had told me Immigration won’t like the fact I’m changing courses and fields because they might think I’m not a genuine student. Now,I’m wondering if they might refuse my visa if I apply again because of my immigration history. Also,if after I finish my studies,I want to enroll in another course,what are the chanced they will let me do so? Thank you.
  2. Can the JRP be used towards a 489 regional visa ? What visa can I be on while applying and during each step of the JRP? During the entire process of the JRP, can I be employed at the same workplace/shop/company or do I have to change? Are employers generally hesitant to hire you given that they have to go through all this paperwork for the JRP? In the fees section it says "provisional skills assessment review(if required)" and "subsequent job ready workplace assessment(if required)".What are those?
  3. Most occupations in fields with many visa options do not interest me though f.e.engineering or also have limited visa options. From what I've understood they value work experience a lot in order to get a visa and that's what I find the hardest. Seeing you are a migration agent,do you think an agent could help me with my visa strategy or is that something I have to plan for myself since I have to choose what I like etc?
  4. chris63863

    489 Visa for Victoria

    How is that possible?Does that happen with all states?
  5. I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking about customer service manager.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Darn...And I have an inclination towards management...Is VETASSESS the same? I think most occupations require work experience for the skills assessment.I'm wondering how us in our early 20's will gain work experience in Australia after our qualifications in the first place?
  7. chris63863

    489 Visa for Victoria

    How can someone get sponsored by a state when the occupation they nominated is not on the state's list?
  8. chris63863

    489 Visa for Victoria

  9. chris63863

    489 Visa for Victoria

    Thank you.
  10. chris63863

    489 Visa for Victoria

    Were they sponsored by a relative or by a state?
  11. chris63863

    Can she get the citizenship?

    Thanks for your input.
  12. chris63863

    Can she get the citizenship?

    Yes he is an Australian citizen.
  13. chris63863

    Can she get the citizenship?

    My grandmother became a permanent resident in late 2017.I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance here about her situation. Timeline: She arrived in Australia for the first time in late 2014 and she and her husband got married. They both came to Greece in mid 2015 for a few months. Late 2015 they went back to Australia. My grandma came back to Greece in early 2017.Her husband followed a few months later. Her husband left to go back to Australia in early 2018 whereas my grandma has stayed in Greece since then. She told me she might go back to Australia in 2019 and was wondering about the citizenship.I looked it up online and it says that you should have lived in Australia for the last 4 years and that you shouldn't have been away for more than a year.But then again in the "Ministerial discretions" it says :
  14. chris63863

    Questions about 485 graduate visa?

    If I have finished my bachelor at an institution that not only offers degree level courses but vocational courses too,am I eligible? Would I be eligible even though this won't be my first student visa? As I will have finished an advanced diploma first,I will gain entry in the bachelor degree 1.5 years in so it will take me 1.5 years to finish the Bachelor.Would that make me ineligible?
  15. I was just reading on: https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/International-graduates/international-graduate-occupation-and-waiver-requirements and I didn't fully understand the things below about the work experience waiver. If you have finished a course in SA and you have a proficient+ English score,are you work experience exempt or not?Because it does say "Please note: you will still need to meet any work experience requirements as specified by the skills assessing authority for your nominated occupation.".For instance,customer service manager is assessed by VETASSES which requires at least 1 year of work experience.What happens in such case?Are you exempt or not? It says "Your occupation is listed as ‘available or low availability’*, you are continuing to reside in South Australia post-graduation and you meet the following: Proficient English in each score (or Proficient Plus overall)" How can you continue to reside in SA after graduation?Don't you have to leave the country after your studies are finished or do you have to get on some type of new visa(i.e.new student visa) so you can continue living in SA?Thank you.