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  1. Ifty

    482 Visa Approval

    Not yet. After submitting PCC its already 28 days passed.
  2. Hi, Have your received your visa? How about your nomination approval? Is it done already? Iam also waiting for my visa to be approved since 27th Aug. Thanks
  3. Ifty

    482 Visa Approval

    Hello, wondering if any one has the latest update on 482 visa approval. I have submitted Nomination and visa together. My application details are as follows: Application: Aug16 Medical: Aug17 Nomination Approval: Aug 26 PCC submitted: Sept 6 My current status on IMMI showing “Further Assessment”. Can someone update me how long it may take now to get a visa decision as I already received Nomination approval?!
  4. As you said that Nomination has been done,does that mean that you also lodged visa application?
  5. Hello Raul, You are correct. Nomination has been lodged only on May 10,2019. Thanks
  6. Hello Raul, No. I believe Police clearance & medical is required at the time of visa submission?! Correct me if Iam wrong.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have applied for 482 Nomination on May 10,2019, region Gold Coast,Queensland. My occupation is ICT Business Analyst. Iam staying in Bangladesh and my lawyer in Sydney submitting all the documents on behalf of me. Moreover I have the sponsorship from a digital mkt company based in Gold Coast. Its been 50 days crossed but no update as yet. My lawyer also do not have any updates and asking me to wait for another few weeks. Can anyone update me with the current timeline or status of 482 visa?! Does it take more than 60 days to update approved or reject status?! Thanks
  8. Thanks Rajat. R u under same profession? ICT Business analyst?
  9. Hello, Can anybody update me the current visa status of 187 Direct Entry for Tasmania? My RCB Nomination is done & visa lodged on July30’2018. My occupation is ICT business analyst. Any one knows about how long it may take for the visa to be granted?!