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  1. With the pound so week at the moment is now a good time to use any spare aud to buy sterling?
  2. Tom Roffey

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    Tulip 1 - there was no question of her age or employment. She intends to get a job when she is out there but won’t be joining me for a while Rammygirl - the visa is for 4 years. My position will be Corporate General Manager. It is a medium term visa. What would you recommend as next steps to gain permanent residency?
  3. Tom Roffey

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    Ok. Just to help anyone in the same position. My concern was how does my 21year old Daughter join myself and my wife on a tss medium term visa. The application for my Tss subclass 482 visa which included all of my family- wife and two children 18,21 was lodged on the 12/2. Today it has been approved! For every one. So now its real!
  4. Tom Roffey

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    Oh. No part of that is good! Ok. Skilled visa it is. Thanks for your help VS and Marisawright
  5. Tom Roffey

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    Im not sure a working holiday is what she wants to do. She will only be able to get casual work. I am looking to extend my visa and look at PR at some point.
  6. Tom Roffey

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    Hi. Currently going through the process of a 482 visa. It seems that bringing my Daughter with me is challenging! Let me explain the situation. She currently lives with my wife and myself in the UK. She is full time employed and is 21 years old. She cannot afford to get a home of her own yet and wants to come with us to Australia and gain employment there. The immigration agent that my company is using has said she needs to prove she is dependant on me, come on a holiday working visa or a student visa. She is dependant on me to provide a roof over her head and food etc. She pays for her own clothing etc herself. I don't want her to come on a holiday visa and she isn't a student. Any ideas on the best way to proceed? Many thanks
  7. Tom Roffey

    Best way to transfer money to UK account

    Ok. Had a play around with this and found that currencies direct work well. Although its less hassle with HSBC Thanks for all the responses
  8. Hi. Looking for some advice please. I am in the process of finalising our move to Sydney. I have HSBC's accounts in both the UK and in Australia and will need to transfer money back to the UK account regularly for mortgage etc. Is the best way to just transfer between the two accounts? I won't be charged a fee but will the exchange rates be the best? Or should I use another service? Have searched and search and have probably confused myself more so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Tom Roffey

    One more expat looking for advice

    Thanks LKC
  10. Tom Roffey

    One more expat looking for advice

    Thats a great idea Lisa. I will ask about a novated lease. The children's visas are being sorted as we speak.
  11. Tom Roffey

    One more expat looking for advice

    Some great advice. Thanks Lisa and GC Matthew. We visited Cronulla on Thursday morning. Really liked that area.
  12. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for all the valuable information put into these forums. I am looking to move, with work, to the Sydney area. Just returned from a 2 week trip to view locations etc. There will be 4 of us with our 2 children no longer children really (21 & 18). We were looking at the Shires or Manley! One question straight away is how do we get cars? Can we enter into a leasing agreement or will we have to pay cash? Any advice would be great