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  1. Chocci

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Someone was circulating on FB a SQ no-transit schedule from UK to various cities, and it was a weekly or maybe twice weekly flight for Sydney. This seems to tally up with what I’m seeing on SQ website for purchase for next couple of months. Once we get to June the schedule seems widely open. I’m really keen to book a flight while prices still look reasonable but thinking maybe best to wait until April for more clarity on both Singapore and OZ end. Who knows, if most of UK is vaccinated by then maybe we will even get to stop over in Singapore for a couple of days if we show a negative PCR test? Could be wishful thinking on my part.
  2. Chocci

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Hi @bicek it's such a minefield isn't it? As if relocating across the world wasn't hard enough, throwing all the quarantine and Covid into it. With a newborn into the mix, that must be extra tricky! In terms of flights, I have been reading a fair bit on the two Facebook groups, and I think our approach for now will be to book direct with airlines ourselves. If we do get bumped a few times, we may explore booking with an agent but fingers crossed. The latest Facebook posts suggest that Singapore Airlines is quite reliable in booking within caps (one person had their Melbourne flight cancelled - no surprise there, and they were immediately booked into flight to Sydney), so I think we may start with them. Ideally we'd land into Melbourne to avoid the complications. That said, we are flexible in terms of timing once we land in Australia, since we're planning to land between Sep-Nov and we aren't missing the start of a school year, we are happy to stay in a Sydney for a little bit. Given Sydney's caps 3X higher than Melbourne, it seems to make sense that Sydney flights are less likely to be bumped on that basis alone.
  3. Chocci

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Hi @bicek we have the same issue, we are moving back to Melbourne with two kids 5 and 7 and have heard melbourne quarantine (there’s another Facebook group Parents in Quarantine Hotels) isn’t great for families and there’s much more limited caps (when they do take travellers!). We are floating idea of flying into Sydney to increase chances of getting into Oz, hopefully better chance of apartment hotel , maybe spend a few days there and then do an internal flight back to Melbourne. Will probably wait until May or June to book. Yes some of the DFAT prices sound pretty high! I guess they are full priced economy fares (?). Like you guys we are hoping things ease up by Oct, we are vaccinated and travel caps ease up.
  4. Chocci

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Hi @ADM21 We have just started looking at flights as well though we're not planning to leave until September. We are considering Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Asiana Airlines (if they restart flights from UK). We also have points to redeem on British Airways but only enough to get us to Asia so that probably isn't an option (assuming we'd have to fly into Australia with minimal transit). From what I can tell, if our flights are cancelled, we may have to pay additional fee for the next flight if there's an increase in price. There's a Facebook group called "Australians Stuck Around the World" which has a lot of Australians sharing their experiences on cancellations. You can also register with the DFAT website your intention to return home (if you haven't already). If they run repatriation flights and have spaces,, you may be offered one (at commercial prices) if your flight is cancelled. Good luck!
  5. Hi, just wanted to share that my husband's 309 & 100 visa's were both granted this morning! This was through the Berlin office. We applied in September, received RFI in Dec, and submitted the medical same month, and police check in early Jan. We've been married nearly 10 years with two kids and looking forward to move back after summer, aiming for Sep-Nov time frame. I hope we can get on a flight to get home. Good luck all and if you are waiting, I hope it comes through for you soon!
  6. @ainzlondon79 @Comlay90 Congrats, that's such great news! Hopefully we are just a little way behind you. My British husband filed his application in September, and they sent a RFI in early Dec so he went for his medical and his police report was submitted early January. We actually initially thought the timing would be much longer but the quicker turnarounds from other people here has given us hope. @Anais_V I am assuming the lockdown in Germany is slowing things a bit! Fingers crossed things ease up soon.
  7. Wondering if anyone in London had any visas granted by the Berlin office in the past couple of weeks?
  8. Chocci

    Five days of Quarantine

    Thanks North to South. We're planning to make the trip in November ourselves and it's such a good point about just spending the time getting over jet lag and admin. Is Adelaide your final destination? All the best!
  9. Thanks so much, that makes sense. Hope the sale went well, did you have to organise it remotely from Australia?
  10. We are planning to move from UK to Australia in November this year. We plan to rent out our UK property for a few years and I understand that we will be subject to CGT in both UK and Australia when we do decide to sell. For the purposes of calculating CGT in Australia, does anyone know which types of professionals in the UK are qualified to provide this valuation? (After we arrive in Australia, we plan to move into another property we own which will become our main residence so we won't be able to benefit from the 6 year exemption. I am Australian, and my husband in British and applying for his partner visa now.)
  11. Thank you! Really appreciate your help. I’ll def check in with a tax consultant
  12. Thanks Marisa, I am reading on the ATO website that the building has to be built after 1980s, does that sound right? The Victorian terrace was built a long time ago but we did a thorough refurb 4 years ago.
  13. I'm Australian, husband is British and we are planning to relocate back to Australia in a few years. We plan to rent out our principal place of residence and wondered what deductions would be available in Australia. Its a Victorian terrace home and we renovated it extensively about 4 years ago but I'm guessing these renovations are not deductible as capital works since the building predates 1980s. Thank you