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  1. Hi All, I recently received a general advice letter regarding my partner visa 801/820. I am currently on a bridging visa A. It has been 1 year since my visa has been lodged. The letter received explained that I need to book a medical (which I already did and passed) and upload any new bits of information soon as possible. Is anyone able to tell me from when they received there general advice letter how long after it took for there visa to come through. Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi, I got a CO assigned around 14 months since I applied. My 820 was granted a few months after, around 17 months since I summited the application. Hope that helps.
  3. @Vikie90 I think just the medical and further evidence if needed. Good luck for the medical. When did you lodge your application?
  4. Hey @XKS, Thanks for your comment. Mine is also still in “received” and had a name position number at the end which I also assumed was the case officer. When did you apply for the visa? When did you 1st take your medical. I did mine about 8 months after applying. Cheers
  5. @paulhand thank you for responding, I do appreciate the advice. What does RDI stand for? I know it’s difficult to say, but it it likely the PR 801 will come through or just the 820?
  6. @ali yes it is, it was done around 2 months ago.
  7. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience in how long there temp 820 visa took to come through after there medical. I am currently on a bridging visa A, and have my medical booked for September. By time I do my medical my partner visa would of been lodged for 14 months onshore. Does anyone know how long the temp 820 will take to come through after the medical? (if everything goes well am I pass) Any advice would be great. I understand everyone is case by case
  8. Hello All, Wanting some advise on the partner visa medical check. I applied for the partner 820 visa onshore around 1 year ago and have since been on the bridging visa A. I planned on doing the medical however COVID happened so never booked it in. Now you are able to book visa medical check, when would you advise to do this? As they only stay valid for 12 months? Thanks All :)
  9. HELP! Hello everyone, I have applied for my spousal 820 visa and everything has been submitted successfully. I am looking at sending form 1445 of for an extension from my WHV to my bringing visa. I have a 4 week gap. Can anyone tell me what email to send this to as it doesn't actually say on the form. I’ve looked high and low. Anyone that’s done this? And how quickly I’m i likely to hear from anyone.  Thanks :)
  10. Hello everyone, I have applied for my spousal 820 visa and everything has been submitted successfully. I am looking at sending form 1445 of for an extension from my WHV to my bringing visa. I have a 4 week gap. Can anyone tell me what email to send this to as it doesn't actually say. And how quickly I’m i likely to hear from anyone. Thanks :)
  11. Hello I am am is the same situation on a WHV. I have 7 weeks from the WHV to when i go onto a BVA from a spouse visa application. I plan on doing the 1005 letter to allow me to work them 7 week to when my WHV runs out and i go onto the spouse visa Bringing visa A. Anymore information on this would be great. cheers
  12. Hello All I am on a working holiday visa at the moment and weeks away from sending my spouse visa applications off. However I am very settled in a job on my WHV and would like to continue with this job when I go from the WHV to a bridging visa when I apply for my spouse visa. I have read of applying for FORM 1445 to be allowed to work over the 6 mouths working rights. Has anyone done this? Is it possible. I am sending my application of in July and my WHV runs out in December. Thanks
  13. Hi All Can anyone advise me what the total cost of the Spouse Visa is, including any other costs along the way. Is AUD7,160 including Health Check, and everything you need? Many Thanks
  14. Hello all Can anyone advise me on what website to use for a police check, this will be uploaded for partner visa. I am from the UK, is there a certain website used?
  15. Hello everyone I’m a little confused after reading some posts. Very shortly me and my partner are about to apply for the visa 820/810 partner visa. I thought this was one application by paying the fee and slowing uploading the evidence till you was ready to submit. However, I’ve read a few posts about a sponsorship section to the partner visa? What is this and does anything have more information. Can anyone state the step by steps for the partner visa? thanks everyone
  16. Thank for replying.......I can't afford to pay an immigration agent unfortunately. Just to clarify the sponsor application, being my partner? Do you know how long the sponsor application take to process?
  17. How long roughly does it take if you have all the evidence prepared?
  18. Hello I am on the WHV and applying for the Spouse visa. Can anyone help me clear this up. When I apply and go onto the Bridging visa (BVA) what will my work rights be? ****Can I apply for work longer then 6months that I can only do at the moment on the Working holiday visa? Please help if you can, so many websites tell me different things All advice welcome Cheers
  19. Hello all, some advise for my future spouse visa application. From the research I’m told I need to do a police and health check to the application. I’m currently in Australia and will be applying here, from the UK. How long does a police check take to come through? How long does a heath check take and how much is it roughly? Thanks for any information
  20. Meg7

    Health/police check

    awesome, thanks for the feed back. I plan on applying in a few weeks with hopefully a 10day turn around from the website. Fingers crossed. what website did you use? gov.uk?
  21. Hello Can i have a little guidance, is the bridging visa A (010) the one you go on when you apply for the spouse visa (820) while it is processed. why is it I can't find the working rights labelled on the gov website? see below I've been informed with different information about my working right from the Working holiday to a bridging visa when I log the spouse visa (820). From I can work longer the 6 mouths to I have to apply for an extended work rights? HELPPPPP Thanks
  22. Hello all, can you please help me out. I am currently in Australia on the WHV. Fairly soon me and my partner want to apply for the spouse visa. Having done lots of research I’m still a little lost and need some help clearing things up. When I apply for the 801 temporary visa (spouse visa) after my working visa ends in December will I go onto the 801 or a bridging visa? Also after my WHV ends In December and the application has been sent for the spouse visa. What will be my working rights? Will I be able to apply for full time work under the spouse visa? And in that time while I am waiting am I able to leave Australia? If you have any information please help me out cheers :)
  23. Hey! Do you know if you can work longer then 6months on a bridging visa A. On the working holiday visa at the moment, applying for the spouse visa very soon but just need help knowing if I can work longer then 6months or not on the BVA
  24. Hi everyone thanks for all you advice. So me and my partner have been together 2 years. I came on the WHV as it was the quickest way for me to come over, so I’m not worried about the evidence and all that. I came to Australia in December and my visa run out then for the WHV. We plan on applying for the spouse in June/July just the last bit we are saving for. I think that gives me enough time to summit and be processed. Can I just clarify, at the moment the WHV only allows me to work up to 6mouths in one place. When I apply for the spouse visa and the WHV ends. Will I have the work rights to work over a 6mouth period and full time rights. Thank you all for your help, it’s been a great help
  25. Meg7

    Working Holiday Visa

    Hello All I'm about to apply for my working holiday visa tomorrow, I fly out on the 11th of December. How long would it take to proceed because online I'm getting 48hrs to 3 weeks. Is there anything I should be aware of before I apply?