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  1. Hi Guys, Just wondering how fast can you get you clearance certificate in your post pox noting you have not criminal records and it was applied online AFP NPC - Name check
  2. Ratu

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    I had received an email from immi that if i don’t withdraw, it will be refused so i had to. For your case, if the alias name is not a legal name then it should not be a problem. But if immigration picked this up definitely they want to know something. I suggest you go to a Migration Lawyer and not an Agent. Lawyers know better what to do and they can draft a response for you. Ky case was i did not meet the main criteria so it had to be rejected. Yours is something the immi wants to know but if you provide a reasonable response with help from a lawyer, i am sure they will approve. Again i cannot be so sure how immi and the CO think. Do whatever; but don’t get it refused. You will not be able to apply same visa again.
  3. Ratu

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    Hi Dip, Yes. I had to withdraw my Visa and re-apply. The immigration would have refused it as the criteria was not met.
  4. Ratu

    Form 80 for Subclass 186

    just wondering if Form 80 is mandatory for Visa Subclass 186 for both main and secondary applicants? Both applicants are from Low Risk Country (Fiji) and no criminal records.
  5. Ratu

    Exception Basis

    did not have a skill assessment at the time of the application ENS186 but it was genuine error. i din know then and my MA told me to lodge it like that
  6. Ratu

    Exception Basis

    Can a Visa be granted on Exception basis ? if it meet all the requirements and documents but only a slight error was done? is there anyone who was granted PR this way? LOL just curious
  7. Ratu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    hi Steve, sorry if i am being a pain. When withdrawing your application, did u just upload the completed form 1446? or did you have to send them any letter? can you tell me in detail how to withdraw please
  8. Ratu

    Re applying ENS 186

    Hello Guys. So I had my ENS 186 did not meet a criteria 186.234 as i did not get a skill assessment at the time of visa application. obviously was to be refused as it did not follow the rule. I withdrew my application and re-applied using the existing application. Obviously wasted around $6k as it was my fault (my agent). My questions are: 1. How long will the processing time take? As the nomination is already approved and all items are in order i feel it may not take more then a month? 2. Will i be able to apply for a refund for the initial application fee paid?
  9. Ratu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    How long did it take to get approved since you reapplied? did you re do the medical checks and police checks? did u request for a refund?
  10. Ratu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks a lot Eva. Just another question, i was advised my case will be reviewed on the 6th of June and if still not withdrawn it will be refused. the question is i have withdrawn and re-applied. When do you think this will be processed? i am sure it will not take much longer right? any approximate time frame as this is a re-application. i think it will be approved on the 6th June as the new application will be linked to the nomination right?
  11. Ratu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    i have a similar situation. My nomination is approved but my visa application will be refused as i did not have a skill assessment at the time of the application. Immi advised they will refuse my visa. just wanting to know, can i re-apply the visa again? Can i use my existing approved nomination and re-apply ( nomination is still valid approved 18/04/19) my company is supporting this. just need you views will there be any drama is i re-apply using existing approved nomination? or will i have to apply the nomination again ?
  12. Ratu

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    HI Guys, So today i have responded to the s57 NJL letter that i had received on the 08/05/19. Just wondering when may the CO pick up the response and provide a response. I have emailed and also attached the response on Immi account. if someone can explain the process from here would be great. Just too impatient with my visa
  13. Ratu

    186.234 not met

    Hi Raul, yes, i actually needed assistance to draft a response back to the department in a proper way. Are you able to assist?
  14. Ratu

    186.234 not met

    Urgent help please "Based on the information before the Department it appears you do not meet clause 186.234, as you did not hold your skill assessment on the date you lodged your visa application. You may provide comment on the above information that you do not meet clause 186.234 and provide any other information which you may deem relevant."
  15. OK so i received a invitation to comment from the department. at the time i applied for the application, i did no have a skill assessment. it was lodged. but later when i received it it was attached. All i have to do it provide a reason why at the time of application i did not attach it. My question here is, if i provide a response now, how long will they take to approve? will it take months ? or could be instant?