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  1. Hi JoeMcC, Don't listen to the above comments from the same old people who keep saying accross this forumn that there aren't opportunities to do XYZ. Victoria Police are in the middle of 3000 officer recruitment drive and yes, they offer a prior policing experience seperate recruitment as long as you have PR. I'm in the middle of the process at the moment and have the final interviews next week. You are allowed to nominate posting locations and you will likely get a metro posting as this is where they are increasing the numbers. Alot of country locations are actually oversubscribed and have long waiting lists. There are some very rural locations that need filling but that is done by a ballott and prior experience officers are exempt from this ballot process. They honour your service and rank so will enter at the equivalent pay point. If you email the alternative employment unit they will send you a information booklet. I am a DC from Bristol with 10 years service and recently moved to Melbourne on the back of my wifes visa, who is a teacher ( which according to the same lot above, is also impossible to achieve). pm me on here if you need any other info. Cheers
  2. bluebird

    Childcare subsidy on a 489 visa?

    Fantastic news. Thanks for the update.
  3. bluebird

    Childcare subsidy on a 489 visa?

    There is very conflicting information and i am also very keen to find out a defintive answer to this. I know this following page is not a government page however it appears to clarify and confirm what everyone thinks, in that there is no waiting period for CCS. https://www.smartstepstoaustralia.com/changes-to-wait-period-for-welfare-payments-for-new-migrants/ The above post appears to have taken the definition of a ‘family member’ from the ‘Residence descriptions’. At the very top of the page is Australian resident and PR holder is under that category. The family member appears to be someone who is related to an australian resident but is not classed as a resident. If you go back to the residency rules under CCS it just says applicants need to have PR or be citizen. There is no mention of any waiting period. Furthermore CCS is NOT listed in the new list where there is a waiting period for newly arrived residence. See below page. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/topics/newly-arrived-residents-waiting-period/30726 either way, could you let us know what they say when you see them tomorrow?
  4. bluebird

    Police Checks?

    Thats good that you got the invite for a 189. My wife is the main applicant and she is a primary school teacher and got state nomination from victoria. We had our first case officer contact on the 03/01 asking for medicals and police checks which have now been done so just waiting for final decision now. Hoepfuly looking to settle about 45 mins - 1 hour away from melbourne as hopefully neither of us will need be committed yo the cbd.
  5. bluebird

    Police Checks?

    Hi Burnsie, what visa did you apply for as a teacher? 189 or 190? Where you looking to settle once / if granted?
  6. bluebird

    190 visa

    Hi ATN. how are you finding your new life in melbourne? your partner has the same occupation as my wife? Was there any problems finding work at all? I understand everything is casual relief to start with, which will suit us really well. Any advice on where to start? We are also looking at mornington area when we arrive. You seem to like it there .
  7. bluebird

    190 visa

    Ho Aimz, we are on 190 visa nominated by Victoria. Wife is the main applicant as a primary school teacher. We are doing the process ourselves so not sure what the correct response is now but we are going to email them a reply giving our dates of our medicals and that our police check app as been submitted. Wha visa are you on? Occupation? Cheers
  8. bluebird

    190 visa

    Hi, we had our first CO contact on the 03rd requesting medicals and police checks which we have now booked. Do we now have to email the CO on the email saying we have booked them or do we just simply upload the results to immiacount within the 28 day time frame and they will see it? I ask because the letter says 'Do not email us to advise when you have attached documents in immiacount' but it also says 'You must respond to this request within 28 days. You should provide your response in writing. Send your response to me using the contact details provided below.' Any idea? Cheers
  9. Hi all, i have been quietly looking at everyones helpful advice on this forum for some time and usually find the answers im looking for however i was hoping someone has the definitive answer for the below question. We have recieved our invitation to apply for a subclass 190 visa through skill select and we know we now have 60 days to submitt our visa application. my wife may be pregnant (awaiting scan) and i am aware if she was to give birth early on in the application stage we can add on our new born to our visa app. However this is clearly not going to be the case as she is likely to give birth smack bang around the time the most applicants get their grants (according to the processing times). so my question is can we request that our visa application is somehow delayed or put on hold until the birth of our child so we can then add him or her on to the visa app rather than risking obtaining the visa late in to the pregnancy and then being too late to travel to give birth in OZ? or is this not possible and we would have to apply for another seperate dependant visa for our new born on the back of our PR. This would significantly increase our time frame and cost. Any advice would be great. cheers