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  1. five

    Last minute nerves and stress

    It's Aussie Rules isn't it? Given the choice, I'd rather watch rugby.
  2. five

    Last minute nerves and stress

    We arrived in Melbourne last Sunday, so this is all very fresh in our minds. The reality of our decision started hitting home when the movers arrived in June, but we were still a bit distracted by the house sale completing, cleaning up etc. The week before we left we were ready and waiting to go, which was great, but also had lots of time to think, "Wow, we're really doing this." The realisation that we were leaving everything we knew was sobering to say the least. There's definitely been a whirlwind of emotions, and doubts have crept in at times, but now we're here, it feels so worth it. We're definitely excited to see what's next for us.
  3. five


    I've just shipped a uke. As it's varnished the shippers I had quotes from assured me it would be fine because the wood's been treated. I hope so. I'll find out in a couple of months.
  4. five

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Sounds good. Time to chill and catch your breath before the next phase.
  5. five

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Melbourne. We actually seem pretty organised at the moment, which makes me wonder what we've forgotten! The decluttering process has been going on for a couple of years though, so I think that's helped enormously. The amount of stuff you collect over the years is quite shocking.
  6. five

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    So true. There was definitely a moment when it all suddenly became very real. We've got the movers booked next Monday and flights booked in early July.
  7. five

    Car hire

    We used Bayswater after reading lots of recommendations. Definitely cheapest, and had no issues at all with the car.
  8. We're planning on doing the big lap. Just trying to figure out what set up will work best for us. It will definitely involve a 4X4, but just considering the pros and cons of rooftop tents and off-road caravans.
  9. five

    Registering a car with no fixed address

    @SteveandKirsty, @Dai87, @Marisawright, @Gbye grey sky. Thank you. We were hoping there'd be a simple solution.
  10. five

    Registering a car with no fixed address

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.
  11. five

    Registering a car with no fixed address

    Do you mean you don't know if it's necessary to get permission from the owners? We did wonder if that would be an option, but didn't know what the implications would be for them, I suppose.
  12. My partner and I will be migrating this year. We are planning to stay in an AirB&B for a month or two while we get on our feet, and then we want to buy a car and caravan and travel. Can anyone advise how we're supposed to register a car when we have no fixed address? I'm sure other people get around this by asking family and friends, but unfortunately we don't have any in Australia. We'd be really grateful for any advice. Many thanks.
  13. five

    Medical Records

    Thanks for that. Just what I wanted to hear. That's one thing off the to-do list anyway. Best of luck with your move.
  14. five

    Medical Records

    Yeah, we were preparing to do it, and then thought, "Why? There's really not a lot to tell". Thanks for your reply.
  15. five

    Medical Records

    My partner and I are preparing to move to OZ later this year. Some emigration checklists mention getting transfer files from your doctor, dentist, etc. I just wanted to know if this is actually necessary, or if it is your personal choice. Neither of us have complicated medical histories. Thanks for any advice.