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  1. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    How long have you waited for the anwer from the immigraton department?
  2. Additionally, if 3 years full-time experience is needed to gain a positive outcome of skill-assessment. Then, whoever passes the skill-assessment could opt to 189/190 visa. Who gonna apply for 482 visa which is a tempory visa and no pathway to PR in short-term list occupation. Or alternatively, 187 RSMS visa.
  3. I am posting this on behalf of my husband, who is a pastry chef & Baker. His employer is happy to offer him sponsorship, however, we get confused by the experience requirement. His employer consulted an MA, she says, the visa requirement for TSS is 2 years full-time (or equivalent part-time), BUT, chef/cook occupation needs 3 years full-time experience to gain a positive skill assessment. Is that true? Can anyone explain further for skill assessment for us, please?
  4. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    I’ve been told by my MA saying the process will take up to 2-3 years (?). I wonder if the department will tell you whether you are eligible for ministerial interview in 6 months time (?) and the case reach to minister will take up to 2-3 years? I am confused.
  5. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    the department refused the nomination due to the fact that the company was no longer in operation, it went into voluntary administration. Without a granted nomination, the visa won't be approved. So i got both nomination and visa refusal.
  6. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    Do you think i have a good case? But in my case there is no compassion reason and my employer is gone. Does the minister will consider as their slow processing have a bad impact on my case or just blame i have bad luck? I hardly think the minister will grant a permanent residency as my employer is no longer exist. How can i avoid BVE ? According to the Immi website, the applicant seeking ministerial intervention will be granted a BVE (it could be no work right as well). I am really worry about no travel and no further application onshore.
  7. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    I did have a agent who work along with me from day 1. She strongly suggest go fo intervention not TSS visa. Should i go?
  8. eccc

    RCB refused

    No. I am afraid not. That’s the very first step
  9. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    Yes i am. But even though i am a chef de partie i will still be nominate as a cook rather than a chef. Cause chef normally refers to headchef or above who is in a management role.
  10. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    I don't have many options that lead directly to PR. But my husband's employer is happy to sponsor him a TSS 482 visa. So I was happy to give TSS a go as we can avoid BVE but the thing is it wont lead to residency. We have to opt for another visa eventually.
  11. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    Yes i do agreed with you. The chances of getting intervented is too low. Majority of the case won’t reach to the minister. I would rather not to take the risk from my own perspective. But my MA says i have a good case and it worth a try. So make it even harder to make a decision whether or not i should give it a go.
  12. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    Yes I do dicuss with my MA quite a few times. I said there’re no compassion reasons in our case (apart from the misery i went through) that will possibly attract the minister’s concern. As i am healthy, skilled, educated, able to pay my bills and being sent back to my home country will not kill me etc. Plus, being in BVE is not a thing that i would like to choose to. No further visa application when processing my case is my another concern. However, my MA’s perspective is it is not about compassion, is about legislative fairness and long processing time of the visa fail me. As i never broken any visa conditions she stands i have a good case. So she suggests me seek ministerial intervention. It is hard for me to make a decision now. Should i take her expertise or follow my own preferences?
  13. eccc

    2nd time failure for 187 visa

    Hi everyone. As my story above, my MA suggest me to seek ministerial intervention as the legislation and long processing time fail me twice. And she believes this is an unfair process. I am not very confident with the intervention, what if I wait for 2 years, and the minister refused to intervene? I would like to know what you guys think. Thank you
  14. eccc

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Since my original employer is not in operation, therefore, I don't have a right to appeal for my nomination. Only thing I can do is, wait for visa refusal and appeal for the visa, which I know it has zero chance to win, but buy me some time and I might seek another way out
  15. eccc

    187 Visa Processing Time

    It happened to me. My situation is the restaurant had been sold from one company to another, the trading name stayed the same, and the store remained open throughout the whole visa process. However, I received a nomination refusal at the end. Because the employer (the original company with old ABN) cannot guarantee 2 years ongoing position. However, if it's not a selling process, it may just change the structure, you may still have a chance. The department will give your company a chance to explain what is going on, if your new employer (new ABN) can prove that they're willing to continue your contract for further 2 years, it may work out for you.