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  1. Scots Tom

    Work Rights

    Can someone assist in gaining work rights on a bridging visa please, Happy to pay for assistance
  2. Scots Tom

    Tourist visa 600 Query nervous

    Keep it simple and relevant, provide the documents requested, and all will be good. All the best
  3. Scots Tom

    Tourist visa 600 Query nervous

    In your invitation letter think I would write exactly what you said previously "He is coming to stay with us and this is his first ever visit to Australia. Coming for our daughters second birthday/sight seeing " Obtain a letter from his employer to show he has employment to return to, and you off to a good start.
  4. Scots Tom

    I want to be with my wife in Australia

    Had a similar situation Applied for visitor visa, 3 months Used the visit to to spend family time together and build relationships, gained additional evidence, Back to the uk and apply for offshore visa, can always return on visitor visa to spend time with your partner
  5. Scots Tom

    Sunshine Coast or Brisbane??

    Sunshine Coast..