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  1. Hi, Anyone know the timeline for 173 to 143 ? Thanks Clare
  2. Hi all I've just applied for 143 from 173 a few weeks ago and looking for information on how long it takes ? 6 to 12 months or longer ? Thanks Clare J
  3. You both seem to have this topic covered. Good luck with your move
  4. Give them a ring tomorrow and look on the website. All wrapped and labelled and fully itemized.
  5. I have packed into boxes, lots of them but they do it all into their own packing boxes so they can do a list and make sure they are shipping contents that is allowed, and also for insurance purposes. ( I have a company also that's very reasonable for insurance) I was using vacuum bags for clothes but it's a no no, they will sweat and cause mould. What do you mean a crate ?
  6. Hi I'm getting a shared container with john Mason from liverpool, I had a visit for one staff to give me all info regarding packing and what's allowed and what isn't. Very informative and low cost, 400 CF for under £2000 and they re pack everything. Worth getting a quote Good luck Clare
  7. I received my email back in feb a day after marilyn.
  8. That's perfect thank you. And yes Bpay is what I'll use. Thank you
  9. Absolutely amazing x What time did your email come through ?
  10. OMG that's me next my stomach is churning. Big congratulations marilyn
  11. I agree marilyn my mind tells me to wake up in the middle of the night to check my emails its exhausting but I'm keeping busy sorting through all my stuff, (mostly clothes and shoes ) and getting rid x
  12. Exactly the same they landed back I syd yesterday with my two grandchildren, it's been a amazing 4 weeks but we have no control apart from booking your next trip over
  13. Think about as having already done 2 years and try and forget about it and enjoy your time here.