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  1. Pingpongpom69

    Anyone here from Rutland?

    Just wondered if there was anyone on here from Rutland (or who has previously lived there?). What's it like to live there? In particular: the weather, cost of living, employment opportunities, things to do, sense of community etc? Thanks in advance
  2. Pingpongpom69

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    I do love Wales too, so beautiful but have concerns that the weather may be a little too extreme and again would prefer to be closer to family who are in Bedfordshire.
  3. Pingpongpom69

    I have visited UK 3 times and I am now returing to live

    Karen I can so relate to your post. I was there in Aug/Sept and am struggling with major home sickness (I was born in Aus but I grew up in the UK from age 4 and came back here when I was 21). I had the stupid grin too. I love the cooler weather (I detest the heat), the natural beauty, public footpaths, the architecture, the TV, BBC radio 2, the choice of supermarkets even! I felt flat too and still do as I am pretty much stuck as I have an Aussie partner (who doesn't want to move there) and 10 year old son. The only way I can think of doing it is to go for 12 months, just my son and I and my partner would visit for 6 weeks during the summer. It's sad that your husband has passed away but you are free to do as you choose. You sound excited and I'm excited for you! Good luck and keep us posted on how things go!
  4. Pingpongpom69

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    I do love Scotland (went to the Edinburgh Tattoo earlier this year!) but a little too far away from family really.
  5. Pingpongpom69

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    We house sat in Rutland earlier this year for a week and loved it! We were in Ridlington which was tiny. Oakham was lovely and was somewhere I actually considered but not sure if it's right. Uppingham was lovely too but definitely way too posh and 'well healed' for me. Beautiful area though and close to family in Bedfordshire so it's a possibility...snow is not a problem, would totally love it!!
  6. For the past couple of years or so I have been toying with the idea of moving back to England (maybe for 12 months, maybe permanently). I live in a beautiful part of Australia - Murwillumbah, part of the Tweed Region in Northern NSW. It is the one place in all of Aus that feels the closest thing to England in that it's green pretty much all year round with lots of soothing, pleasant scenery. The population is approx 10,000. People are on the whole very relaxed and friendly, walking down the street most people will either smile or say hello and stop to talk. The bank teller will have time for a genuine chat, the person crossing the zebra crossing will wave to say thanks, it's a great country town feel. There is a real sense of community here and also a strong focus on health with heaps of health food stores and vegetarian eateries which I love. A real mix of people too, a large Sikh community, Hari Krishna's and Sai Baba followers too, all bringing their unique cultures, ideas, foods and flavours and being accepted by all (I love Indian food so this is a bonus to me!). Only a couple of pubs and no night clubs so no seediness or trouble with drunken revellers. Alas, however the downside...summers and even spring are an absolute killer for me as I get older and hence my desire to move back to gentler climes. Ideally I'd like to live somewhere in England with a similar feel, in a small town or in a village close by. So my question is, is there anywhere similar to Murwillumbah in England?! Basically I need somewhere that is a relaxed and genuinely friendly place, with a real sense of community and welcoming! By the way I have no interest in living in a city whatsoever, small towns or villages only!
  7. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Still thinking it all through, it's a huge thing to do on my own. Good luck with the move and enjoy Noosa ?
  8. Pingpongpom69

    Claiming Benefits in the UK??

    Thanks for clarifying Verystormy
  9. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Kerry I love your advice! I'm working on changing my mindset. Whereabouts in Queensland are you planning on settling?
  10. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Family wise I have my 80 year old Dad there who I'm very close to (and also step-mum and her kids, though we are not close at all ) and a best friend from school days. I was a bit slack and didn't keep in contact with many friends so have lost touch with most unfortunately. My Dad is under the thumb from my step-mum who is very jealous of our relationship and does everything in her power to make sure we never have any time alone. When I was there last my Dad and I were talking upstairs and she kept hovering about on the landing with a basket of washing eavesdropping, she's so insecure and would basically hate it if we went back there to live! So not a lot of support....or not the support I would love to have which makes it hard as I'd pretty much be on my own doing it all and not so easy at 50 and with anxiety.
  11. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    No my son wouldn't be worried, he's 10 years old and lives in the moment and would enjoy the adventure. I'm the one who'd be worried about not wanting to come back, still a difficult situation though.
  12. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Mmmm, nothing about it is lovely to me ??? We have one air con unit in our (rented) house but it's not enough to cool the whole house and unable to install any others due to being a rental. Stepping out of a cool lounge into a kitchen/bedroom/bathroom that feels like a furness is not fun ? Rentals are hard to come by here in Murwillumbah and we have a fairly decent house that doesn't cost too much in comparison to the other dumps on offer, so don't want to move again here really unless we decided to buy. Quoll you are lucky you managed to get your hubby there! Mine would just be miserable moving there so would probably be easier to do it short term and have the adventure without him!!
  13. Pingpongpom69

    Claiming Benefits in the UK??

    Hi I am considering returning to the UK with my son in the near future. I understand there is an initial waiting period of 3 months before being able to claim any benefits. Is this back paid at all? I would have ample funds to support us but trying to get an idea of things. Also, as a single parent is it likely that I would receive any family benefits and rental assistance - do they look after you or are you on your own? I always worked when I lived there but now as a parent things are so different. I really have no idea where to start so thought it might be good to ask here.
  14. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Thanks Gbye grey sky, unzippy, Amber Snowball, Toots & Marisawright for the replies. I love Christmas in England and the seasons just feel natural and right to me there. I haven't lived there for a long time (28 years) but I 'think' I'd cope better with the English winter (central heating, layers, thermals, sensible dressing etc) than the Aussie summer. I sleep better and I feel more alive in the winter. In the Aussie summer I am downright plain miserable and cranky and feel literally parched like the desert, like I can't breathe. Having gone through menopause it's changed everything as I used to love the heat when I was younger and could sun-bake all day, now 5 mins in direct sun and I feel faint. Part of me thinks maybe I wouldn't want to come back but then also part of me also thinks I might finally realise what we have here (lifestyle, space, attitudes etc) and be wanting to rush back after 12 months and just live in a house that's fully air conditioned and be done with it. I have briefly thought about Tasmania but England is what I miss and pine for at the moment. I feel that if I don't go I won't know, life is short and meant to be enjoyed and not suffered! I would also love my son to experience some English schooling and influence. It would also give us all a chance to have a breather from each other, hubby and son battle like stags at times (probably not that bad but he has little tolerance or understanding for a head strong 10 year old) and although my son and I have our moments, it's easier in many ways. He'd miss his school but I know he'd really love it once he settled in. Life is never simple!!
  15. Pingpongpom69

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    We live in Northern NSW, in Murwillumbah and the summers are awful - really humid, scorching, relentless. Just so over every day being like the last, blazing heat and glare and damn day light saving. I'm the kind of person who puts up an umbrella in the summer to keep the sun off as I'm very fair skinned. Partner knows exactly how I feel but would not consider moving there but would be fine with us (myself and son) going for a year. I do have some savings that could make it happen although it would probably eat away at most of it and the thought of not having that safety net scares me but at the same time it could be put to good use. If I had a secretary who could make it all happen I'd be there in a heart beat!!...the logistics scare me and I have a bit of anxiety about that side of things.