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  1. HI friends i need a registered migration agent ! contact me please
  2. when did you get this email and what else they are asking ? please share your timeline! thank you
  3. samad1076

    309 visa timing

    I am outside of Australia my partner is in Australia can i submit my application in Australia instead of submitting in any other center or embassy ? and which is the best choice to submit ? thank you !
  4. samad1076

    309 visa timing

    does it possible to submit my application in Australia ?
  5. samad1076

    Subclass 309

    we are going to apply in August where are you located //?
  6. samad1076

    309 visa timing

    Hi everyone nice to have all of you here is it correct that timing for 309 visa has been decreased from 26 months to 13 months ? Thank you
  7. samad1076

    Travel Documents

    how to get travel document for the visa being a refugee ?
  8. hi friends would like to know that does POR ( proof of registration ) card could benefit our case or not these cards issued by UNHCR through Pakistan government to Afghan refugee living here in Pakistan i am going to apply for 309 visa . Kind regards
  9. samad1076

    Afghan National living in Pakistan 309 application

    Did you apply by his passport or by POR card ?
  10. samad1076

    visiting visa 600

    Hi friends can anyone tell me the granting chance of 600 after applying 300/100 partner visa ?
  11. samad1076

    Partner visa 309

    i wanted to apply for the pcc before they i want to make it in advance but they didn't ask yet when they ask will it be acceptable when they ask ?
  12. samad1076

    Police check

    Hi friends i want to apply for pcc but the immigration didn't ask yet i want to make in advance wil it be acceptable when they ask for pcc ?
  13. samad1076

    Partner visa 309

    Nemesis : where is the list ?
  14. samad1076

    Partner visa 309

    Hi friends i am planing to apply for partner visa need your advice what document do i need that make the process more quicker ?