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  1. Dieselmike

    Points Question 32 to 33 years old

    Hi all, I wanted to ask a question regarding points the website states "you must be able to meet the points score eligibility at the time you are invited to apply for the visa" I'm currently going to put my EOI next year when I'm 32 - at this point ill get 30 points. In this period if I have turned 33.... would this mean I wont get the full 30 points I have based my calculations on? I assume is this the case, if so kind of rubbish.
  2. Dieselmike

    What would you do 482 or 489?

    Hi all, As you can see from my title my wife and I are a little stumped of the best way to move forward. To give a little background we are looking to emigrate to Queensland and open to where we live my trade is a Diesel Mechanic and I currently have 55 points, we are looking at a 2 options at the moment: Option 1 - 489 Visa - with the additional points given by the state we would have 65 in total.... This is also based on the English and Trade Test results if all goes well and then submit our EOI, if we are lucky to get picked then apply for a Visa and take it from there. Option 2- 482 - TSS - (I currently have a opportunity with a employer waiting in the wings) My current skill set is on the medium/long term and if all goes well after 3 years with this company and if they are willing and able we can apply for PR. I would be keen to see what others would do in this situation.