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  1. Hi all, I am receiving the following error on page 6/ 34 of my citizenship application, citizenship by conferral. I meet the requirements as of today and not sure why I am not able to move past this page. I clicked on the residence calculator too and entered all my dates (Which is in a different window) The applicant is unable to proceed with this application. Access the Residence calculator to check when the applicant will have been in Australia long enough to be eligible for Australian citizenship.
  2. nakulm

    Error in Citizenship application

    @Zet01 Thanks a lot for your response. I guess the issue for me is I haven't decided if the short-term job is there for me and at the moment I don't have any confirmed plans of a travel date. From what I am reading in the forums, it should be ok to work/ travel internationally, but as you mentioned I wont be able to progress until I am back in country. Thanks
  3. Hi all, After submitting the Australian citizenship application, could you please tell me if the applicant is required to stay in Australia for receiving the approval? Specifically, if I leave the country for an international job, say less than 12 months in assignment, would it hinder my application? Thank you in advance for your responses!
  4. nakulm

    Error in Citizenship application

    All, Is it a requirement to be in Australia after submitting your application? It is a bit confusing as it says "You have to be present in Australia at the time of decision". Does that mean an applicant cant/ shouldn't travel out of country? On a separate note, is it ok to leave the country for a few months for work after submitting the application?
  5. nakulm

    Error in Citizenship application

    All good, thanks for your responses. Looks like it was just a day lag.
  6. nakulm

    Error in Citizenship application

    Hi, The calculator doesn't give a date. After entering 1) Permanent Residence Date, 2) Lawful Residence Date and 3) Intended Lodgement Date, it gives me "..Residence requirement met: Yes..". Then I am clicking Next on the application page #6 and I still receive that error. No, no foul or no invalid visa.