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    Australian Visa Cancelled

    Hey @Raul Senise @wrussell how can I contact you if i need some visa help with my visa situation.
  2. Richardokon

    Australian Visa Cancelled

    Hey @The Pom Queen thanks for the reply,I didn't get deported I left but I leaving I was told I had been banned from coming back for 3 years. My uncle and my cousins still in Australia .
  3. Richardokon

    Australian Visa Cancelled

    Hey I'm an 18 years old and I left Austalia in July 2018 ,I've been living in Australia for the past 7 years,2 years ago our permanent residency visa got cancelled, The reason it was cancelled was because on my visa my uncle was listed as my dad and his wife my mum,but when our visa was done I was 10 so I didn't really know much about the visa until it got cancelled ,when it got cancelled we got a bridging visa A ,on July 19 last year I I left Australia while leaving I didn't know much about the bridging visa and on my way leaving an immigration guy at the airport told me that I can't come back when I leave and I got a three year ban.please help me out with ideas ,I've been here for a year now ,I miss my friends and family in Australia please reply to me thank you.