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  1. Hi, maths teacher currently in process of applying for 189. Completing application for AITSL assessment and they want a 'final transcript' from both my ITT provider and university provider. To my knowledge UK universities don't provide this. Did anybody apply and succeed without a final transcript?
  2. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Ugh, don't. It's been a nightmare getting my university to agree to create transcripts. I wanted this sent off in early September- still waiting!!! Hopefully next Friday. Eeeek!
  3. I need to take my PTEs but I really don't want to pull a sickie from work (I never have and don't want to). I've got a weeks holiday in October and am heading to New York. Would DoHA think it's odd/suspect having someone from the UK, take a test New York, for Australian immigration? P.S. I'm a teacher so can't book a day off work.
  4. missbell88

    Skills assessment no transcript AITSL

    Hi Sarah, I know this is from a while ago but I’m in the same boat. You wouldn’t have happened to got to UEL would you? They are in the process of creating transcripts for us due to large number of request but this could take 12 weeks!! Im going to risk submitting a letter from them, is there anything I can include that will get me accepted. I’ve have a separate letter from my tutor at UEL outline supervised teaching days etc, I’m more concerned with transcript info. thanks, Rosie
  5. missbell88


    So... after chasing my PGCE uni for final transcripts they’ve finally admitted they never produced them and have to formulate one due to number of students requesting them, this will take 10 WEEKS- I want to submit and EOI before Christmas! I spoke to AITSL last week before I knew this and they responded with ‘AITSL May consider a statement from the awarding institutions explains why the transcripts are not avaliable.’ Has anyone had a successful assessment with this?
  6. Hi, I know this is an old post but I’m just going through the process of AITSL now. My tutor at uni was great, but a typical mathematician- what kind of things did your PGCE providers include to make sure you got approved in their letter. I want to give him as much guidance as possible so they’ve no cause to refuse me. Thanks ? .
  7. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Thanks! Luckily because I've got 4 years at a UK university so I'll be able to send off AITSL before I do my IELTS. I'll get this sent off and book my English test so hopefully the results come through around the same time... If I can get enough points without probably not, 8s in the test should mean 75 is enough (hopefully!!)
  8. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Depends on how the English tests go, 65 if I get 10 and 75 if I get 20. Annoyingly I'm 9 months shy of 8 years skilled employment- grrrrr!
  9. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Good luck!
  10. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Thanks for the info. I've got all my ducks in a row now regarding transcripts etc. however could I ask a question about what you deemed was meant by 'original employment statements on official letterhead of the employing authority' when requesting a skilled employment statement. How much information did you provide, will a letter from my employers suffice of do I need evidence from my local authority (my school was an academy)? It states that 'Certified copies of employment statements, pay slips or employment contracts are not acceptable' but I don't want to send insufficient evidence off and get it delayed or rejected. Sorry to ask, but if you've don't it recently I wondered what 'original employment statements' you'd submitted for your wife.
  11. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    Oh no! When did you ask for them? It's so annoying, I'd accept a delay from Aus end but to have one this side must be annoying... Are you applying to AITSL?
  12. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    I think I'm going to try to as well. After the skills test they're quoting £1200 +VAT for EOI! I'm only planning on being out there for a couple of years! Being new to this (as in day 1) its good to know you can do it alone. I've just contacted both providers- both are sending transcripts though, Hopefully I'll get this sent off by the end of next week.
  13. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    I just got a piece of paper with 'final report' on it. It was 1 sheet of A4 hand written. I can't be the only one in this situation but I'm reluctant to use an agent for this part of my visa application, they quoted me £425 +VAT for the Skills Assessment and it's literally just an 8 page form. Have you used an agent at all?
  14. missbell88

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    I can't remember getting one from my PGCE- just a certificate. My final placement report was written by school provider and god knows where that is now anyway... eeek. I've contacted my undergrad uni with no issue but my PGCE provider is going to be more of an issue. Did you complete a PGCE and get a transcript? What kind of info did it have on it? I know it seem stupid now but I just thought the certificate was enough proof (I didn't think I'd ever be planning a move to Oz though- haha)
  15. missbell88

    AITSL Teacher skills assessment

    Can I ask if your a UK graduate? They are asking for a final transcript- I've never had one of these. For my BA or PGCE.