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  1. Done! I have sent a Submission. Thank you for highlighting this! All please follow!
  2. On the face of it, yes it does look as if it should only take about a year but people are still waiting from February, March and April 2016 plus many in May to have their visas granted. It seems that some people in June 2016 have been asked for ‘further information’ but it will take a long time to process the 1,874 applications from June alone! The Parent Visa Centre have been working on May 2016 applications (of which there were many!) for several months. It also depends on how many of the 20/21 allocation of approx 4,500 have been used already. When the allocation has been used the visa granting will simply cease until July 1st 2021 when the new allocation kicks in and so on. So looking at the numbers who applied each month between May and November 2016 and perhaps adding on a backlog, our visa will certainly take longer than another year to be granted, more like 2plus at the least. Of course - perhaps the annual allocation will be increased! but having already waited for over 4 years, aged 75 and with ALL my family in Australia, I just want to join them as soon as possible! That is why we are considering the 870 which if we are lucky, may be granted when the Australian Border restrictions are lifted! Maybe ....
  3. 143 and 870 Visas: We are also applying for an 870. Our 143 was lodged 31st October 2016. We hope to get away with a 3year 870 but are worried it won’t be long enough. Opinions please?
  4. Hi Tad, We are 31 Oct 2016, so just before you. Our turn will be coming! Good Luck!
  5. Does anyone have an idea how long an 870 application takes? It obviously wouldn’t be granted until the Australian Borders open, but I wondered about applying in advance?
  6. Linda - we are thinking in exactly the same way as you! We would have nowhere to return to in the UK during the term of a 600 so it really has to be the 870 but as you say - for 3 or 5 years? Then I worry that they may be a rush of applicants for the 870 who are obviously all in the same position as ourselves. Am I right in thinking there is quite a low annual limit on the number of 870’s granted?
  7. We have been waiting 4 years for our 143 visa which we applied for on 31/10/2016! As you say, we are ludicrously so near and yet so far! Following the sale of our house, we have been living (in what we thought would be fairly short-term rented accommodation) with many of our belongings in Storage for 2.6 yrs, and now it looks like being at least 2 years longer, or possibly more! We are wondering about the 870 visa, just to get over there before it is too late! We are in our mid 70’s so time is not on our side! Of course we would have to wait until Australian Borders are open again in order to apply. A really difficult situation and it really is impossible to make balanced decisions without proper information! That surely is not such an unreasonable request!!! If only we knew where we really are in the process! I wish they would re-introduce the Calculator to give us some idea. At the end of May it showed there were 10,450 in front of us. Hard to know what to do .... Just despairing!
  8. You are so right Linda, the Covid crisis is obviously having a huge impact on the issuing of visas. A few are trickling through but many Applicants who are so nearly there are still waiting for the final granting of their visa. It is driving us all mad but we can do nothing except try to stay positive! When the Australian Borders open again, I think it will be a different story. We have now been waiting near enough 4 years so we must be getting towards the end but we know it will be a while yet. It is all so difficult but try to keep smiling everyone!
  9. I also looked at the calculator at the end of May this year and for us it said 10,450 Applications were in front of us, so that is at least the end of 2021 never mind the Covid complication! I do so wish they would restore the Calculator, at least we would know (more or less!) where we are! We applied 31st October 2016
  10. Fee We feel the same! We went out to Adelaide for Christmas 2016 but now this will be our fourth Christmas in a row without seeing any of our family! Originally we thought we would definitely have our 143 visa by last Christmas (3 years+ of waiting) and by the time it became obvious that was not going to happen we thought it would probably have been granted by this Christmas, then Covid struck and here we are, stuck in an even more hopeless limbo! (4years of waiting!) We can only hope that by Christmas 2021, after over 5 years of waiting, things will have changed! It seems crazy now that when we first enquired about applying, in early 2015, an agent told us the 143’s were taking 12 to 18 months and looking at our personal timescale, it was too early to apply, so we put it all off until autumn 2016 as we had property & a business to sell etc!! How wrong we were!!!!
  11. Quoll, That’s rather an unkind comment! Perhaps you’d prefer those of us deprived of seeing our children and grandchildren never to see them again? We are not even asking to get in free, just to be able to be with our families. Nitz has written a letter in an honest attempt to move things along especially for those who have already paid the huge amount of money and are simply waiting for their visa to be issued. In these troublesome times, surely we can all have some understanding of people’s worries and be kind and supportive to one another!
  12. Aah, Linda , it’s just dreadful! So sorry. It seems to be their policy to keep us Completely in the dark, never mind that after 4 years we are all going quietly insane! It’s the not-knowing that is almost the worst, if we were given a realistic idea of when our Application will come up, at least we’d know and be able to make plans instead of living in limbo!
  13. Yes, I’ve been trying too, Linda! So annoying, it was our only real guide as to our position! Oh why do they make it all so difficult! With regards to the previous post about finalising visas lodged in May 2016, I take it to mean that immi is continuing to process and finalise parent visas but is not actually granting them until Australian Borders are open again. Soon they will be hitting June 2016 where there are a huge number of applicants to deal with - apparently nearly half of the total year’s visa allowance applied in one month! Try to stay sane everyone and keep smiling! There is always Hope!!!
  14. Thank you for doing this! We applied 31st October 2016. Any glimmer of information about progress/or otherwise is very welcome!