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  1. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Thanks guys .. speaking today to an agent today.. so il get back to you all with the outcome! ?
  2. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Thanks for you honest answer.. there’s lots to think about and first port of call has got to be an Mara agent. thank-you
  3. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Hi amber.. Just checked and think it’s age 50 for the skilled visa
  4. Hi Richard.

    hope you are well.. 

    Brand new to pio and seeking as much advice as possible to hopefully make our dream a reality.

    you have been reccomended for me to contact your firm as a first point of call to astabalish whether me and my family would be eligible to make the move! 

    Kind regards 



  5. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Guys thankyou so much for fast response & information you have passed on to me ?think your right jsmull87 I’m going to speake to an agent ASAP .. and let’s see were goes from there!???
  6. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Do you think it’s a good idea to rely on wife’s skills?
  7. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Hi amber.. hope you are well.. So I have myself 39, wife 36, son 10,daughter 8, son 6. iv been in the flooring trade for over 15 years but have now decided it’s time for a new career change and I’m starting an electrical degree right now! 2-3 years. my wife is hairdresser and has been doing that 20 years. we’ve both talked about the move to oz over & over the past few years and always made excuses or somthing has always stopped us from making our dream a reality. family life is a real must for us as we have 3 very adventureris and sport mad children. We like the great outdoors and the idea of nipping the local beach for supreme family time is a dream we hope to make a reality,visa I’m presuming would be on a skilled? As I said I’m just getting me head around everything now and hoping to start the process..
  8. Robbo1

    Decided to make the move to oz!

    Hey jsmull87.. hope your very well.. your my 1st reply ? yay!!! Ok brilliant, also I’m aware that it can take some time, I’m 39 years of age and about to start 2 -3 year electrical degree first to add to the scoring process. So how does the whole process start, ? Do I contact a uk based emigration firm?
  9. We’re do we start,first point of call,best areas for families any info would be gratefully accepted ...?thank you guys
  10. Robbo1

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Hi guys .. first time ever to a forum!!! But looking for some positive information on emigration to oz with 3 children and a wife! ? places work cost of living etc.. any help would be appreciated thanks in advance guys ?