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  1. Tink

    How many members were here from the start?

    Interesting thread , o back in the day lol , some true characters and ‘debates’ arguments . Not sure when I joined but many of the posters have long gone now . Hopefully to the life they were seeking or the life they didn’t realise was all they wanted .lifes a novel I believe make it as interesting and happy as you can , because when u get to the last chapters and read back , better to read I gave it a go instead of I wish I had !
  2. AWORLD FAMOUS FORTURE TELLER HAS PREDICTED THAT THE NEW KING OF UK CHARLES III WILL REIGN FOR A SHORT PERIOD BEFORE ABDICATING THE THRONE FOR PRINCE WILLIAM Afortune teller who predicted Queen Elizabeth II’s death using asparagus tips says King Charles III will abdicate next year and hand over the reign to Prince William. Jemima Packington is the world's only Asparamancer and says she sees the future by tossing spears in the air and interpreting how they land. She famously predicted Brexit, Prince Philip's death, Theresa May being ousted as PM and Harry and Meghan stepping back from the Royal Family.
  3. Hello u , still travelling in my van ,enjoying the freedom of the east coast . Hope life’s treating you well .tink Xx
  4. Tink

    How is Megan doing so far?

    “Our own correspondent” Wow but remains anonymous . Poppy land ? The fact that war vets are respected is now called into question. The respect for the Queen , regardless of her position , was for the qualities she showed throughout her reign . Respect and decorum amongst them . To ridicule and presume the feelings of mourners to a passing of historical significance, the core of what Britain stood for ,especially at this time , is another piece of trash journalism imo . Her worth is shown by the respect and sadness of not only Britain of a lifetime of fulfilling a role she was born into with all those quality’s, attributed to her . Will Charles be as able ? Who knows but mocking him before he has a chance to prove his worth, easily done by those unable to suggest a better alternative to a centuries old tradition that has served Britain well.
  5. Tink

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Didn’t Harry leave the royal family The Uniform Act says: "It shall not be lawful for any person not serving in Her Majesty's Military Forces to wear without Her Majesty's permission the uniform of any of those forces, or any dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of any such uniform." cake and eat it springs to mind
  6. Tink

    How is Megan doing so far?

    When you throw angry and bitter accusations about , especially useing media platforms and televised interviews , doubt your going to be flovour of the month tbh And to do so when the accused family was sick and vulnerable shows not only a lack of respect but hypocritical values , professing to uphold the values of the now late Queen Elizabeth II of honesty, integrity, decency, humility , by slandering the family on national tv ? The threat of a tell all book that threatens to expose supposedly racist and other atrocities they claim they were subjected to . How is Megan and Harry doing so far ? Excellent if you consider mudslinging and headline grabbing for all the wrong reasons a sport to support .
  7. Hello all those I remember and new ones . nice to see this thread still going had some laughs over the years . Pomqueen hope you and yours are well . Congratulations those who got to oz , good luck those waiting . This is a good site for migrants , those who are here and even those wanting return . Lots of support and advice . Take good care tink Xx
  8. Merry Christmas from Tink and Benson IMG_7439.mp4
  9. Tink

    If you were a burglar......

    All the toilet paper and tissues
  10. Tink

    What are you listening to ?

  11. Tink


    They are normal everyday people lol , personally in my family are 2 doctors , a nurse , 1 solicitor, a chef , a mechanic , I could go on but they contribute to life . They are British , lived in the uk for generations , I find it sad really that we are taught in schools the history of the Greeks and romans , English history even welsh and Scottish but so little is known about a people who make up a part of community .
  12. Tink


    Two ethnic groups rolled into one there , an the op mentioned travellers we’ve got three . Gypsy Roma and Traveller communities are minority ethnic groups that have contributed to British society for centuries. ... It is reported that there are around 300,000 Travellers in the UK and they are one of the most disadvantaged groups.