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  1. Hopeful0819

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    By the way, Me and my wife was not able to reach medical migration agent to help us. A registered migrant agent should still know how to assist applicants with chronic hep B carrier. Though they aren't that helpful to advise you. My wife get us to see a specialist who could confirm my health status, i did some blood test and ultrasound, then requested the specialist to provide as a letter indicating my status then we brought that letter during our medical health check for our visa, The MO received specialist letter and will attached it in out medical data. We also request to agent to attach the letter appropriately .
  2. Hopeful0819

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Hi @Chandankishore66 Yes fortunately our PR visa was approved. However, I still monitor my condition and kept in touched with my specialist. Hoping for everyone for a successful application.
  3. Hopeful0819

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Hi @The Pom Queen, I appreciate your advise, I am not into any antiviral as of this time coz that was not advised by the specialist overseas. However, Im still bit worried that because my wife is on medical field, immigration might still consider our application together. Do you know anyone who has same case as mine? I am hoping for a good fight, its my wife dream for both of us to settle in Australia. ????
  4. Hopeful0819

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Hi, @VERYSTORMY Thanks for the recommendation, do you know how much consultation fee George Lombard will cost?, I have a migration agent who is helping us, but not until my wife gets her invitation then we need to decide the next step. We are currently in Queensland.
  5. Hopeful0819

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Australian Visa

    Hi, Anyone can help for advise? My wife is applying for 190 visa for PR. She will include me on her application as a dependent spouse. However, I had been diagnosed to have chronic hepa B since 2010 (inactive healthy carrier) I have letter from specialist from overseas and been having yearly checks for my job as a seafarer as well. Knowing my condition my wife had her full vaccinations and has not bden infected with my condition. Is the chance for a visa refusal will be high for both of us?, since I will be included in her application? I am really scared and worried for my wife. We are still waiting for invitation tho