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  1. Thanks all-thrilled! Please do add me to the time line:) I think my husband got it like at 10am London time. kelly
  2. Hi all!! I’ve been a serial lurker for a while but wanted to share our amazing news!! This morning in the midst of getting into the day at work my hubby messaged me to say his subclass 100 visa had come through!!! Honestly, we are shocked as we were expecting it to be a few more months and had heard nothing from a case officer, it just went straight through from ‘received’ to ‘granted’. Okay, now onto the details you want to know: Applied: Sept 28 2018 Granted: 8th of Jan 2019 Completely front loaded; hubby’s medical, both our AFP and ACRO Police checks, 3 years worth of quarterly bank statements (annotated with joint spending), wedding cert and ceremony evidence, 12 stat decs (8 Aussies, 4 Brits). Basically we just went heavy on the evidence! I would like to add that we have been together for five years this June and married for Three. Keep positive everyone. You’ll find it so bizarre that a piece of paper can be sooo life altering, especially when you finally get it! All the best everyone:)))
  3. Kelly!!!!!

    309 application form

    Thanks so much for your answers. I’ll get onto it ASAP. Kelly
  4. Kelly!!!!!

    309 application form

    Hi WRussel, So sorry, I didn’t see your response to this-thank you. To expand on this question, could you please help me out: *We’re waiting till the weekend of the 14th of sept to apply (a week after our third wedding anni as we’re hoping for subclass 100) should we create an immi account now? *what does immigration count as the application date? Is it when you hit hit the ‘submit’ date or from when you apply? Im hesitant to even touch immi at the moment as we haven’t been together for three years (yet!) and don’t want them to count the date we created an immi account as the date etc. thanks! Kelly
  5. Kelly!!!!!

    309 application form

    Hi all, Weird question but can you save your visa's application on your immi account? So it's something you can work on over the course of a few weeks etc rather than a day etc. Thanks all.
  6. Kelly!!!!!

    Certified documents

    Great to hear; as I was going to do exactly that:) cheers! Kelly
  7. Kelly!!!!!

    Separate sponsorship app-Partner 309

    Hiya Rammygirl, Trust me I would lol but we were doing long distance and not living together before we got married so I think we can only really go from our marriage date as proper ‘de facto, shared lives’ kinda stuff. Thanks though:) kelly
  8. Kelly!!!!!

    Certified documents

    Hi, thanks again for your help! its nice to just get some confirmation at times:) kelly
  9. Kelly!!!!!

    Certified documents

    Hi all, Quick question, we're aiming to submit my husbands application for 309 visa late next month (Sept, 18') and I purely want confirmation that... WE DO NOT NEED TO GET DOCUMENTS CERTIFIED NOW THAT THE APPLICATION IS ONLINE-AND PROVIDING THAT SCANNED DOCUMENTS ARE OF COLOURED ORIGINALS I know this might seem ridiculous, but I just feel hesitant not certifying our passports, birth certificates etc. Of course, the individuals that are completing stat decs for us are getting the 888 form and coloured copy of passport certified as the process involves certifying. Looking forward to responses! This forum is such an absolute Godsend! Kelly
  10. Kelly!!!!!

    Separate sponsorship app-Partner 309

    Hi all, Thanks so much Beffers and and Wrussel; really appreciate your prompt answers. This makes lots of sense because I have done so much research and have not actually found anything to support this "sponsor approval" in the form of a new process etc. Really appreciate it. Kelly:)
  11. Kelly!!!!!

    Separate sponsorship app-Partner 309

    Hi all, So quick breakdown of our relationship: -I'm Aussie whilst my hubby is a brit and we're currently living in UK -been together 4.5 years; three years in September we would of been married, so we're waiting till after then to apply (fingers and toes crossed for 100 visa!). Quick question, when I've been doing my research a lot of blogs/migration agents have mentioned how a new process for sponsors was meant to come into play in 2018. I believe it was where the sponsor would need to get approved first before the partner visa could be submitted. This was something that was getting debated in the Australian senate I believe. Does anyone know if this is actually the case, as i'm very confused. I know that I obviously have to submit a form on the online immi account but I don't know whether we need to wait till I get 'approved' as such first, I thought we did my sponsor info together with his app for visa at the same time. Any guidance would be SO appreciated. Thanks everyone! Kelly