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  1. Laetitia

    2nd Working Holiday Visa Rejected

    @LauraHol89 How did you prove you had done your 88 days? What proof did you provide?
  2. Laetitia

    2nd Working Holiday Visa Rejected

    I went on my first working holiday in Australia in 2013-2014. This was back when volunteer work was valid as regional work towards your 88 days, and that's what I did - I volunteered for +3 months with three different HelpX hosts. According to the visa application form "volunteer work performed prior to 1 December 2015 will still be eligible to claim as specified work, even if you apply after this date. The change, including the need to provide pay slips, only applies to work performed after 1 December 2015." (Form 1150 p. 4) Two days ago I received the following reply in e-mail: The applicant did not satisfy the provisions of the Migration Regulations 1994. The attached decision record provides detailed information about this decision as it applies to this applicant. Review rights There is no right of merits review for this decision. As this letter was sent to you by email, you are taken to have received it at the end of the day it was transmitted. Questions about this decision We cannot consider your visa application any further. ... Evidence requested included: A completed ‘WHM Specified Work Questionnaire’ Payslips Bank transaction statement for the specified work period claimed A completed and signed Employment verification form 1263 Piece rate agreements Deduction agreements Employment contracts - 3 - Working Holiday Processing Centre Department of Home Affairs WEBSITE: www.homeaffairs.gov.au Payment Summary Tax Statement Superannuation Statement The applicant was given 28 days to provide this information to the Department. To date the applicant has not provided substantive evidence to verify they have completed specified work in a regional area as stipulated in Regulation 417.211(5)(a) for a 3 month period as stipulated in Regulation 417.211(5)(b) and they have been remunerated appropriately for this work completed as stipulated in Regulation 417.211(5)(c). Therefore, I am unable to be satisfied that the applicant has completed a 3 month period of specified work in a regional area in Australia. I am therefore unable to be satisfied that the applicant meets Regulation 417.211(5) in its entirety. As the applicant fails to satisfy Regulation 417.211(5), the applicant fails to satisfy Regulation 417.211 in its entirety. As the applicant does not meet Regulation 417.211, they fail to meet Regulation 417.221(2)(a) and thereby Regulation 417.221 in its entirety. Decision As Regulation 417.221 is not met by the applicant, I find the criteria for the grant of a Working Holiday (Temporary) visa are not met by the applicant. Therefore, I refuse the application by the applicant for a Working Holiday (Temporary) visa. ... I did submit my 1263 form with my application, but since I did volunteer work, OI naturally don't have work payslips or bank statements. Is there here who has been in the same situation? Is there anything I can do?