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  1. Normally airlines ask these things and you provide letter from dr. However, you can call your airline's help desk and they can guide you through
  2. Just got the answer about e-mailing docco For online applications: If you have lodged an online application, please do not send any document to this office via email, upload all documents in IMMI account. You have limit of 100 attachments. Try uploading multiple documents under one attachment. In case you have reached the limit of 100 attachments, please see attached tip sheet for uploading more documents. hope this explains well
  3. This is also good idea. Make sure that file size limit is applied while uploading documents. Guess its 4Mb or 5Mb per file.
  4. i never used Lawyer (infact i'm against the agents/lawyers) only uploading on Portal is enough. its upto you that you sent it to immigration address with Attention to Case Officer or no.
  5. Right. E-mail's body is generic. only attachments have more details. you can send it to your Lawyer and he can upload on your account. I used to do both (e-mail to officer and upload on portal) but only portal is enough.
  6. Police check from Pakistan right? Usually these r two people living in ur area or your neighbour if you are talking about NIC application then any two pakistani citizens here.
  7. Grant letter is enough. Heard in karachi letter you need to keep some copies of same. Othwrwise no one ask for that even
  8. The Rule is.. You need to provide PCC for the time since you become 18 or last 10 years. Whichever is higher. you need to provide PCC from every country where you lived for 1 year cumulatively Problem in Pakistan is they mention your address and duration of stay on that address on PCC and there is no centralized PCC for whole country. and Although in one city central office issuing PCC is one but for different address your Police station is changed. so some cities make multiple PCCs and some cities mention multiple addresses on PCC.
  9. If police station is same then they can wrote both addresses on one PCC. Alternatively, get one PCC of current address including timeline since marriage until now and while submitting it, explain it to the officer. (you can write a short paragraph and attach it with the PCC, but don't explain so much that officer gets confused). Since you have asked AHC as well, so they can also guide you better.
  10. Unfortunately, since you have given them your both addresses (Address 1 and address 2 after marriage) so you have to give two PCCs. If both addresses are in same locality and under same police station then that would be easy. they can mention both addresses and duration on a single PCC. (e.g. Address 1 from May 2018 to Aug 2018, address 2 from Sep 2018 to date) Please note that, Police Clearance is an important part of any immigration application and there should not be any gap in between the time for which you give PCC.
  11. I don't think that maintaining bank statement is required for spouse visa or Australian immigration even. for spouse, what they require is the sponsor should be working or earning something. and one more thing they are concerned of is Income tax lodgement (although they don't ask for it straight away and in most cases they check on their own, but by this they will make it sure that the person is earning)
  12. Here u go https://pakistan.embassy.gov.au/files/islm/120822-pg9-partner.pdf
  13. Right, double check your documents which you have uploaded and what they have asked in list. if anything you can provide current (like chat, communication and things like that) just upload that and you should be good to go. as per timeline by everyone here, after some days you can get interview call (if any). but i'm afraid there would be silence from Dec 21st till atleast Jan 7 because of Christmas.