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  1. yes, makes it tricky coming from another country half way through! My son has been learning Indonesian and Chinese here so has never done any European languages. Looks like the schools we are looking at don't require a GCSE language unless his choice fortunately!
  2. Hi horseman, we are looking at the Salisbury area. Hoping to move July 2019 for Sept start, 6th form for daughter and yr 10 for son. One school wanted him to rpt yr 9, another said he'd be fine to catch up any 3 yr GCSEs. We have found a couple of schools now that are doing 2 yr GCSEs.... now just the headache of trying to apply from here and hoping not already oversubscribed ? thanks for that info, that helps explain some of what we've been told too ?
  3. yes that sounds like it would probably be best for her
  4. Quite a few schools we have looked at in Wiltshire are doing GCSEs over 3 years, even though it is indeed a 2 year syllabus. Its put quite a spanner in what we thought was going to be a well timed move for us ?
  5. catsndogs

    transferring orthodontics WA to UK

    yes, thanks for the replies, I'll have to contact the orthodontists there and see what they say to be on the safe side ?
  6. catsndogs

    transferring orthodontics WA to UK

    Hello, after 12 years in Perth we are gearing up to move to Wiltshire next year to be back nearer the rest of the family :) Our 13 year old son needs braces (could start treatment now or any time in the next 12 months), but his orthodontist here has suggested we wait and start treatment back in the UK as he thinks it might be difficult to have someone else take over care - and might even want to remove the braces and start again!! (Be nice to use the private health insurance towards it here, but waste of time if they take them all off again!) Has anyone found it to be a problem or can share any experiences please? Thanks :)