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  1. Fab! I'm glad the grants have started again. Fingers crossed for those still waiting
  2. Hey I came to Oz on the 12 month tourist visa. It was really easy. I've then just waited it out. You then get notification that they're ready to grant. I hopped over to NZ on a flexible ticket for one week. It was granted in 48 hours so I changed flight and came back. I was able.to get a bank account even though on a tourist visa and interim Medicare. But obviously can't work so financially it's a strain. Good luck!
  3. Merry Christmas guys. I hope if you don't hear soon that 2019 fulfils the Christmas wishes quickly!
  4. Uh.oh what change in citizenship? Made it longer have they?
  5. Ah sorry you think you won't get yours. It's a horrible horrible waiting game. No job sorted. No one would even talk to me without a visa. But several applications now made so hoping the new year will bring new opportunities
  6. So I went to New Zealand with my ticket to stay 5 days as requested. The visa was granted Monday UK time - woke to the news Tuesday morning. I rapidly booked a return flight and here I am landed in Melbourne. I walked through the auto gates no problems. Felt guilty so immediately went to an immigration officer and asked if that was allowed when permanently migrating. She looked at me like I was mad and said yeah of course. And here I am. Now eligible to work and progress my life here!
  7. Jon I am.sorry to hear that. But it sounds like you have a solid plan regardless. This move for all.of us is a big one and will have teething problems.
  8. Im hoping you get some news this week KatieBobbles and CEP. Surely they want a pre Christmas clear out!
  9. I totally understand. I've had the little one to take care of so it's kdptd busy enough but I'm so desperate to move on with life. We're living with in laws until I can work and then we can buy a house. Remind me where in Oz you are?
  10. No I saw that mentioned before and I didn't know what VEVO meant! I hope yours comes soon. It's such a frustrating wait and I know it just feels even more pressing with a new year.
  11. Thank you! That's reassuring. I'm getting all nervous about this for some reason!
  12. Jon you're always a source of such great knowledge. That was my gut feeling. I'm now panicked about visas for NZ. I don't need one as a British Tourist but apparently they get funny if you're traveling fromand back to Australia. I've got a valid tourist visa back to Australia though so hope it'll be ok!
  13. So basically I've been told to leave and it's recommended it's a minimum of 5 business days. All good. What I'm trying to find out is if I go to NZ Sunday and I get my grant Monday do I really have to stay all week or can I change flight and come back to Oz? Is the 5 days just so they've got 5 days to issue the visa rather than average actual legal requirement as a minimum. I'll miss my husband and son so much!
  14. We updated my address and that's how they knew I was in Auz. But they also then asked for further information being an updated list of countries visited because clearly I've now visited Australia. So it may be worth updating your list of countries travelled in past 10 years too