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  1. I meant for points, after 32 it drops 5 doesn't it?
  2. over it

    ankylosing spondylitis - medicals

    I know someone who passed a medical with it, they were defecto though if that matters. i also have a mobility issue, they just asked "can I work" my reply was "well I have a job". I was also nervous but it was all over nothing
  3. They recognise prior learning but because you have no qualifications you would need to find the 10 points on your application that gets you someplace else and your age isn’t the better age for points either, you could maybe make this difference up with work in nominated field points given you have 15 yrs which is a nightmare to prove to be honest but people do it and a superior English exam result. That’s all if your trade is on the list.
  4. over it

    Onshore partner visa

    Ye but can I apply for the B
  5. It might not take that long. I applied when they changed the rules and stopped processing and had a massive backlog and I got a invite for the test after a month, I had to cancel it cos I was working away got one 1 month later then 1 month more I Had my pot plant. All in it was 4 too 5 months with a cancellation.
  6. over it

    Onshore partner visa

    Hi. I’m just after a bit of help. I’m a citizen my gf is on a WHV it’s coming too a end, we have been together for almost 2 years with a year as defacto, we are thinking about going for a partner visa, we will get our relationship registered in qld as it helps and although we are defacto our proof wood be slim, I’ve worked away a lot and she being on a whv has also had to leave for farm work and work as a aupair. That’s a bit of background as I’m not too worried about proof I’ll get through that. Question is We had planned too go back too the uk when her visa finished she is from Europe so with brexit that’s a bit up in the air, so our chance is better here and we want too live here, thing is I really want to go back to the uk for a extended holiday like 5 months (depending on brexit and visa for her) so if I apply before her whv runs out onshore and it gets acknowledged and she moves onto a bridge visa, can we leave for a long period?
  7. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-E27BSpkdlG4/T5C6uDQHFnI/AAAAAAAAAEM/FiMqebKA1Qc/s1600/DOL+WIRING.jpg
  8. Defiantly but you’d have to search. It’s fairly easy through N/O start switch too the coil of relay A1, from active side of start switch too Aux in on the contractor and out the other side too A1 also. Put em stops in series before start switch. Neutral into a2 or another phase if there’s no neutral (think that’s right looking at the drawings online seems weird though ha). Something like that it’s a while since I did it but if you think how it works you can do it other ways. Basically because it’s a push button you need the aux on the contractor it pulls in with the 3p of the contractor and feeds back to the coil, if you just went from the start switch too the coil only you’d have too hold your finger on the button whenever you wanted the motor too run. Then the ems are normally closed and before the switch too cut the power.
  9. over it

    Brisbane here we come!

    I think you’re going to have quit a shock if you think the traffic in Brisbane isn’t bad, it’s not only bad but the people can’t drive. I live right in the city by the bridge and I can’t go anywhere after work unless I leave before 2.30 or after 7pm. To be fair I don’t often need or want to leave the city I love Brisbane cbd, I don’t think I could live anywhere past Bowen hills kangaroo point Newstead or Paddington though. Not much going off outside in the burbs. It really is a stunning city, I flew over the other night on my way home from work and it looks just as stunning from the air. Good luck. Brisbane has been really good too me.
  10. over it

    Broome jobs

    Hi, I’m a citizen here living in Brisbane who is on the verge of leaving Australia, before I go I want too try somewhere different I’ve money (I’m willing to part with) too cover me for a month in another place and my 2 choices are Broome or Mackay, I’ve lived in Mackay for 4 months before have a few contacts but I’ve been there already so Broome is my main goal. I just want too know how the job market is. I’m a electrician by trade to be honest I don’t really want too work as a electrician but previous experience has showed me people don’t hire skilled trades for other jobs for some reason. Has anyone got any inside info for me like too few jobs for too many people or do backpackers taking up all the casual jobs? cheers
  11. http://www.futureskillsinternational.com.au/
  12. Don’t use vestessa, they told me I had no way to pr because I didn’t have cert 3 and a apprenticeship, yet here I am 6 yrs on, future skills international are a different company and the proof of qualification you get is exactly the same.
  13. There’s a company called future skills international in Brisbane they check your qualifications, I wasn’t fully qualified but had 7 years experience, I gave proof which was hard and mostly consisted of a few letter heads with “he worked here from” as the content, I passed without any hassle. Then there’s a exam, which if you search here you will find all the answres, then after that you’re allowed to work for a company to gather log book evidence for 6 months to sit the final exam. Hardest part of finding work on that shitty log book licence.
  14. When I did mine I had really really shady proof of defacto, all I sent in was 1 receipt from 13 months before of a booking in her name with my credit card used. A few pictures from the last year, a letter from my parents and hers, screen shot of Facebook friends in common and screen shot of shared bank account. That’s it.
  15. over it

    Is it all possible??

    When I did it they told me all I needed was 7 years experience, I did however have cert 3 and 17th, I used a company called future skills international. It’s expensive time consuming complicated and very frustrating but I did it on my own with little help. If you search here you can even find the answers to the questions you get asked in the exam. One thing is you will maybe lose 10 points on the actual visa application because he does not have ‘qualification in chosen trade’ (Maybe 17th is good enough though) He has 12 years experience which will bump up your point but I’ll warn you that you have to prove every day of that, I didn’t bother claiming any experience because of this, they want everyday for 12 years, it’s impossible. I ended up going hard at the English test and getting superior, which to be fair was the easiest part of the whole experience. Good luck. All in all it took me 6 months but I was in oz already. Also you’re not a electrician straight away. You need to basically do 6 month apprenticeship here to get a licence. No joke.